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This aircraft had crashed on this beach exactly 25 years ago. The souls of the 300+ people who perished, burnt to death trapped inside, inhabited this beach was the story that became a belief over the years.

This belief replaced the hopes of the future in the inhabitants of this small town and people slowly left, for greener pastures and other countries. Little realising that their absence was what had made it a ghost town.

Years later a bright young inhabitant had a dream. The pictures and the story of this wreck he posted all over Social Media found their mark, and film crews from all over the world made their way to this town to shoot in and around this ‘unique site’.

Tourism boomed, opportunities blossomed. The town grew, as did the number of inhabitants.

The wandering souls, wrongly accused, finally rested in peace.


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  1. It’s gud that finally the place gloomed again

  2. The absence indeed making it a ghost town.. Its so apt with reference to so many other things in life too. It is us and us who make things seem a certain way.

  3. Strange how haunted souls make places uninhabitable. Glad that social media came to the rescue of this deserted town. But honestly, last year I visited The Winchester Mystery House at Santa Clara, a place that was haunted or supposed to be haunted and even though this was a total tourist gimmick I got spooked . Dead souls don’t die….. they just live in the twilight zone.

  4. A haunting one Mayuri. Great narration. Such a distinct take.

  5. That was yet another unexpected yet compelling tale on the prompt. Loved it, Mayuri!

  6. M glad that the wandering g souls found peace. Often, the living blame certain events on the dead. When the fault lies in our doings. 🙂

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