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Choosing The Right Road Trip Vehicle


My husband and I love traveling. At any given chance given, or taken, we love to take off for a holiday.

While I don’t drive my husband loves driving, so impromptu trips and driving to a destination is what we love doing the most.

Road trips mean our favourite songs playing in the car and free flowing conversation along with it.

Which is why when it came to buying our latest car our frequent road trips were on top the list as we noted down what boxes we needed to tick. While the husband took care of the technical side of car buying, I had more of a layman’s point of view.

These are the pointers I had in mind while choosing the right vehicle for a road trip;

Comfort: A drive can only be fun when it is comfortable. Adjustable bucket seats and easy to use seat belts make seating for a long stretch a smooth experience. Air conditioning vents placed just right cool the car uniformly, without giving you a headache or freezing your feet off.

Space: Cramped seating makes for an extremely uneasy journey. Good leg room to stretch your legs is very imperative. All round head clearance assures no head bumps if the road isn’t smooth. Reclining and/or adjustable back seats ensure that passengers traveling with you are relaxed as well.


Storage: We are not light travellers. Even for a 2 day trip we tend to pack a lot. A road trip also means munching on snacks and sipping on beverages throughout the journey. Which is why space for keeping bottles without spilling the contents and space to keep packets of munchies is a premium we insist upon. A big boot, for stowing away luggage and odds and ends, is always a bonus.

Safety: The two most important things the right road trip vehicle needs to be is sturdy and steady on the road, with a good road grip & clearance thus ensuring a smooth ride.

Choosing the right road trip vehicle ensures hassle free driving and pleasurable trips.

Bon Voyage!

This is a Sponsored Post written for Cars.com. However, the views are my own.

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  1. Because I love driving, I am the one who is at the steering most of the times. And while reading through your post, realised that you have covered A to Z of all the concerns, pointers for a memorable road trip!
    Just one more to the list is ‘keep all papers related to your vehicle handy, e.g. insurance, PUC etc’

  2. So true.. Spouse and me too love to drive if it’s road trip outside the city. Driving a spacious and sturdy vehicle is the best for long trips..

  3. A safe & comfortable drive makes travelling fun & frolic. These tips are crucial for a happy and relaxed drive. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. These are practical issues that need to be taken into consideration. A car is more than a financial investment and ticking all boxes is necessary!

  5. Hubby being behind the wheel always will vouch for every point you have made here, Mayuri! As for me, my seats should be comfy and the car, sturdy.

  6. Thank you for reading, Priya:)

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