Do you follow your own Advice? #MayTivation




Something most people love giving more than they love taking.

Asking for advice makes people feel they are open minded and humble. Giving advice makes people seem noble and like they are helping. It is a win win for both sides.

However, how many people follow the advice they give others, is what I often wonder.

When you advice someone to forgive and forget, do you do so in your own life too? When you ask someone to give up something that is rightfully theirs and is being taken away from them, would you do that? When you ask someone who is feeling low for a reason, to chin up, think positive and not wallow, do you do that when you are at your lowest?

When someone asks you for advice and genuinely wants it, most of the times it means that you, your judgement and your experience is trusted by them. It means they are looking up at you to either second the choice they may have made or the path they have thought of taking. Or they are looking up at you to show them a facet of the solution or path they cannot see as their mind is clouded with worry.

So what do you do at such a time? You give them advice you would take, right? Hopefully!

Advice laced with honesty may pinch at the time it is given, just like a new shoe that pinches before it fits your feet snugly. However, if the person is sensible they will realise the value of true advice and the right advice.

Over time you will be evaluated on the merit of your actions matching your words and vice versa.

So, what do you do when you would like to be honest but people, temperaments, relationships, situations and circumstances do not give you the luxury of being so, but still advice someone?

You smile, say a little prayer for them and leave it at that.

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