Do you follow your own Advice? #MayTivation




Something most people love giving more than they love taking.

Asking for advice makes people feel they are open minded and humble. Giving advice makes people seem noble and like they are helping. It is a win win for both sides.

However, how many people follow the advice they give others, is what I often wonder.

When you advice someone to forgive and forget, do you do so in your own life too? When you ask someone to give up something that is rightfully theirs and is being taken away from them, would you do that? When you ask someone who is feeling low for a reason, to chin up, think positive and not wallow, do you do that when you are at your lowest?

When someone asks you for advice and genuinely wants it, most of the times it means that you, your judgement and your experience is trusted by them. It means they are looking up at you to either second the choice they may have made or the path they have thought of taking. Or they are looking up at you to show them a facet of the solution or path they cannot see as their mind is clouded with worry.

So what do you do at such a time? You give them advice you would take, right? Hopefully!

Advice laced with honesty may pinch at the time it is given, just like a new shoe that pinches before it fits your feet snugly. However, if the person is sensible they will realise the value of true advice and the right advice.

Over time you will be evaluated on the merit of your actions matching your words and vice versa.

So, what do you do when you would like to be honest but people, temperaments, relationships, situations and circumstances do not give you the luxury of being so, but still advice someone?

You smile, say a little prayer for them and leave it at that.

6 thoughts on “Do you follow your own Advice? #MayTivation

  1. I recollected a proverb , “App guruji baingan khave aur duja nu gyaan sikhave?”. Honestly, I feel this is what we do when we advice others, most of the times. We dish out most ideal solution not thinking even once, whether this would be the rational one to follow?; Does it really have that merit?
    Eye opener, for me… will try to wear the shoe and find out if it pinches and then recommend it to some one…

  2. There is a lot of drama around seeking advice and giving advice. Many times people seek advice just as a matter of formality and this is true even for the ones doling out advice. I know people who will impart unasked advice often but when you go to them in genuine need, they will resort to the past trend that you didn’t follow their advice then so they haven’t got any in the present time.

  3. I give advice only when asked, so even if I have not experienced something, I may still be able to provide a different approach. Similarly, I ask for advice from inexperienced people too. It may work or blow up in the face… but well, it’s a gamble that sometimes need to be made.

  4. Doling out advice to someone is easier than practicing what we preach. Each time we give (unsolicited) advice to others, we ought to ponder if we ourselves would do as we say.
    Frankly, everyone lives a life we know nothing about. Their battles, their ways of fighting those battles, all depends upon the person they are inside. People need to figure it out on their own how to fight their battles in their own way instead of us showing them how to!
    Better to keep our advice for ourselves!

  5. I think when you advise someone, you put yourself in that scenario and then explain what you would have done. Now that person may not do things just like you do but the fact that they asked your opinion means that they are either validating what they want to do or trying to get a solution. Either way, if you have helped someone in some way that ought to be enough. A close friend used to say that he never gives advice only opinion. I tend to agree with that.

  6. After many years of sharing advice, I now no longer do so 🙂 Instead I offer suggestions. What worked for me may not work for another person. It’s up to the person whether they want to receive it or not. Like I said earlier on Twitter this week, I cannot make people happy. It’s not physically possible. I can listen, offer support and help them to look for solutions. The need to change comes from within.

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