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‘Dowry Death!’ screamed the headlines from all the morning papers.


‘Yet another one!’ exclaimed some nonchalantly.

‘Oh God, people still take dowry!’ sniggered a few.

‘Shameless! Just shameless!’ nodded some, disgust writ large on their faces.

A few others looked guilty too, remembering the demands they had made in the guise of ‘tradition’ and the dowry they got and called ‘gifts’.

A few women glared at their in-laws meaningfully while their in-laws slunk away.


However, everyone went silent as each of them they read the ‘Dowry Death’ story. A daughter-in-law had set her in-laws on fire, it read. When they tried to burn her for not fulfilling yet another of their never ending demands.



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  1. So happy this ended on a totally different note (which is not unlikely if its penned by you!). I wish this becomes a reality

  2. Sure a story that needs to be read as many times and people need to learn! It feels bad to know dowry deaths are still as common. 🙁

  3. It is such a cruel tradition that still prevails in many parts of our country…..disguised shrewdly as gifting. Very different and thought provoking end though!!! superb!!

  4. Cleverly done this one.

  5. Mayuri Nidigallu Rashi Mital

    Loved the end. It’s a pity to know that dowry still exists in our country despite the law or the society shouting out being modern. But, I wish this becomes a reality. Every dog has his day, So do the people who take dowry.

  6. Loved the end. It’s a pity to know that dowry still exists in our country despite the law or the society shouting out being modern. But, I wish this turns out to be a reality. Every dog has his day, so would the people who take dowry.

  7. This was unexpected. It isn’t long before something like this would happen for real.

  8. I liked the last twist. There are so many still falling prey to this pathetic tradition. It’s time we take charge of our own lives

  9. It’s a worthless tradition. I’m happy she burnt them!

  10. Bravo! She could turn the table. Wish all become Durgas to take on demons from everyday life!

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