Adversity is the chisel that shapes you #MayTivation #WriteBravely

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Look back at the last 5 years of your life, to evaluate that the circumstances that you may have faced and overcome haven’t shaped you better?

Look back at the last 5 years of your life to realise that adversity has walked hand in hand with you at some point in these last few years.

What did you do then? Rejected it, fought with it, tried to overcome it or simply succumbed to it?

Adversity is like that uninvited guest who comes in without warning and plops itself in your midst. No matter how much you may push it away, if it wants to stay, it will.

Adversity could come in the form of heartbreak, a job loss or a business going kaput. It could come in the form of death of a loved one, an accident or a betrayal you never expected. No matter what form it comes in, it comes suddenly or with ample warning, adversity punches you in the gut and leaves you reeling.

Very few of us realise that adversity, or hard times, is the chisel that shapes us. No matter how unwelcome they may be, it is only when we face hard times, live through them and, hopefully, overcome them do we realise our worth.

Hard times are the signal to step back and see the big picture. The harsh light of reality that hard times shine upon us bring everything into perspective. To make us realise who matters, what matters and who and what don’t.

The joy of having faced adversity, learning from it and winning over it is a feeling that will make you proud of yourself.

Don’t fight adversity, make it your friend and work with it. Let it be the chisel that shapes you.

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