Well suited, with P N Rao


A suit is to a man what a saree is to a woman. A good, well-cut suit should ideally mask your flaws, enhance your assets and make you look and feel good. Much like the right, well-draped saree does for a woman.

Getting a good suit, with the right cut and comfort, is rarely an easy task. Readymade options, though easily available, just don’t cut it.

This is where P N Rao comes in. An almost century old company, P N Rao was founded in the year 1923 and is one of the oldest and largest family-run businesses in the Suit Industry.


Mr Naveen Pishe, Partner and 3rd generation Entrepreneur – P N Rao.
Mr Pishe briefing us about P N Rao and the Stretch Fabric. He is wearing a suit tailored in the Stretch Fabric.

P N Rao is the name in bespoke suits for corporate wear, weddings, special occasions and more. Whether it is a formal suit you’re looking for or a trendy blazer or jacket, P N Rao is the place to head to. This enterprise is one of India’s iconic and leading men’s fashion brand.

The Stretch Fabric is a recent addition to the world of men’s fashion and is touted to be a trendsetting development in men’s dressing. With the need for slimmer and sleeker fabrics rising in the market, the Stretch Fabric will be the perfect choice for clothing that fits snugly and gives the wearer the freedom of movement, in the latest style.

In keeping in trend with the latest in men’s fashion, P N Rao has announced the launch of ‘Stretch Fabric’ This new fabric will cater to the need of the cosmopolitan male who chooses to suit up for various occasions, from corporate meetings to social gatherings or globetrotting on work and leisure.


At a cost that is the same as that of a regular suit, the Stretch Fabric gives you an advantage of movement with ease. Along with a better fit and look than that of a regular suit. The Stretch Fabric requires no special maintenance either.

The Stretch Fabric by P N Rao is a great product available in a range of colours, textures and prices.


Mr Ketan Pishe, Partner and 3rd generation Businessman – P N Rao. Mr Ketan plays a key role in bringing out the new range of collections and designs for P N Rao.

Walk into any P N Rao store, to be greeted by their CRO who will understand your requirements and guide you. They also have an in-house stylist to help you choose the right design and colours. 

Don’t be weighed down by a jacket and get yourself a suit or a jacket in the Stretch Fabric by P N Rao, that does a little bit more, just like you.

So go ahead, claim your moment and craft your success story in your distinctive style and create a legacy by doing things the right way.

I was invited by P N Rao to attend this Blogger Event. The views shared above are however my own.

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