5–minute Khoya in Microwave

Khoya, also known as Khoa, Khova, Kova or Mawa is the base for many a delicious Indian Mithais / Sweets.

However, it is a tedious task to make khoya at home from scratch. A large quantity of milk has to be boiled for hours for it to reduce, solidify and form Khoya. I am not too happy buying ready made khoya too. When I heard that you could make Khoya at home in 5 minutes, I refused to believe it, till I tried it for myself.

The results astounded me, and I am sure they will astound you as well. Here is the recipe;



1 large Katori Milk Powder

½ large Katori melted Ghee

½ large Katori Milk

(P:S: You could use any vessel, Katori or a Cup or a Glass for the measurement, but keep the same one to measure all the 3 ingredients. You could also use measuring cups)


Take a large Microwave dish.

Add the Milk Powder, Ghee and Milk in it.

Mix all three together till they form a smooth paste.

Place this in a Microwave oven and cook on high for 1 minute

Remove from Microwave, mix well together and cook for another minute. The mixture will start bubbling and rising .

The khoya mixture cooking and bubbling away in the microwave.

Remove it from the Microwave, stir once more and cook for another minute.

Keep doing this till the mixture is cooked and has turned solid.

Remove from the microwave. Let it cool completely and use as desired.

The cooled Khoya could be stored in an airtight container and refrigerated for 3-4 days.

P:S: Take a large vessel as the mixture froths, bubbles and rises

The cooking time could vary for every Microwave. It took me 5 minutes to cook this in mine, whereas it took my friend 7 minutes to cook this in her Khoya in her Microwave.





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