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Parenting is a constant juggling act. You never know how many more balls will be added to the air, even as you are juggling the multiple ones at hand already. Parenting does not come with a manual either, so most parents are clueless about what to do and if they are doing it right.

When you become a parent advice flows in from everywhere, whether you want it or not. It is always wise to observe how the source of advice manages his/her child/children before you decide to follow the proffered advice.

Deepa Gandhi is a mother of two lovely girls, a Teen and a Tween. Her blog, Kreativemommy, was founded because of her love for writing and to share her experiences of raising two girls.

Deepa’s debut book, Parenting Tips & Tricks, is studded with helpful nuggets that could guide other parents. I like how the author has specified Tips and Tricks and refrained from calling it advice, and true to her word the book is where you would find tips and tricks to make your Parenting journey a smoother ride.

Deepa covers a host of topics and I found it commendable how she chooses and writes on touchy topics like Money, and explaining the value of it to your children. My particular favourite is where she talks about Looks – discussing Inner Beauty vs Outer Beauty with children. In another chapter she asks parents to encourage kids to ask questions. What truly impressed me the most is that in the journey of parenting Deepa does not forget Moms. She talks about Mom Guilt about Mom Shaming, because of the weight gain during and after pregnancy.

Deepa Gandhi’s writing style is easy and I would say a lot of Mothers reading this book would be able to connect to it.

Deepa Gandhi’s Parenting Tips & Tricks is available for a free download here. Hurry and grab this limited time offer!

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  1. Thanks a lot Mayuri for reviewing my book. As it is my first EBook ..these reviews are all the more special to me. Thanks for including details of some chapters too along with the description. Hope moms find it useful and helpful too. 🙂

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