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That wonder that is technology these days is ensuring that we are in touch with everyone, no matter where we are or they may be. Apart from being with the people present in our lives physically, all our waking hours are spent with people virtually. Little do we realize that the ‘being in touch’ is more of an illusion as in doing so we are slowly losing touch with people, and most of of ourselves.

Our family, real life friends and life are often neglected while we are connected to people virtually. The barrage of information that comes to us from the internet is snowing us down and amount of things the media is subconsciously arm twisting us towards doing is nudging us towards following a herd mentality. The moment we think of doing otherwise the fear of being left out takes over.

When was the last time you paused to think what is it that YOU want? That you really, truly want? Are YOU making the choices you follow? Are YOU happy with the outcome of the choices?

Pause, step back and take a hold of yourself. Ask yourself what is it that you truly need, not what you want. Realize what are your strengths and what holds you back. Make a checklist of what makes you happy. Pen down what makes you feel alive.

In other words, get in touch with yourself. As only you know what you need and what you don’t. What are the things that make your spirit blossom and what does not allow it to grow. Knowing yourself is truly the beginning of all wisdom.

You can only fly higher when there is no weight of expectations holding you down. Shrug of what is not needed and soar.

Get back in touch with YOU and let YOU be your guide once again.

MayTivation - Sirimiri

18 thoughts on “Of Knowing Yourself #MayTivation

  1. The problem is what I want is a question I always ask myself every decision .Small or big .To avoid overwhelm I make a goals list and a mind map .Then follow it .Distractions are just that .Life after all happens when you are busy doing something else !Introspection is very important as you correctly pointed put.

  2. Lovely post and great thoughts Mayuri. I agree we are losing touch with reality and are more connected to the virtual trip. Thanks to all the information available through the internet and other mediums. It is important to know ourselves and what we actually want. 🙂

  3. I loved the line, “Shrug off what is not needed and soar!”
    That ought to be our motto in life, Mayuri, for it’s only then that we will find true happiness and peace of mind!
    Beautiful post! And, very motivating!

  4. I loved the words,”Shrug off what is not needed and soar!”
    We ought to make it our motto if we really want to be happy and peaceful!
    Loved the post and the motivating words, Mayuri!

  5. So true, Mayuri. Some of us just go through the day without giving a thought to what is it that they are doing. I think praising and taking stock of what we want and what we are doing is very important for our wellbeing.

  6. So true Mayuri, loved every bit of it..”Get back in touch with YOU and let YOU be your guide once again” – This phrase speaks so much, thanks, you reminded me once again, since I really need to have that “Self introspection”!

  7. Life is so very busy that we’re always in a hurry to do things often not even pausing to think why we’re doing them. We really do need time out to connect more with real people. And like you said, stepping away and analysing your own motivations is also so very important.

  8. This was such an excellent point. I feel like I’m always online and never detached. Maybe I should take a break once in a while. Thanks for this and sharing this wonderful read.

  9. A daily meditation habit and a lot of mindfulness has helped me of late. I’ve slowed down, let go of my social media addiction and use it as a tool for my work. It’s been very satisfying. Yes, I miss out on a few updates here and there and I don’t get as much time as I want to, to read blogs, but I feel this is more important- the salvation of the self. A good reminder there, Mayuri.

  10. I do question myself quite often.. asking myself what I really want.. But the mind , as it is , gets into conflict quote often and i end up forgetting those things that I truly want. I shake my self up again and try to stay focussed. And as you say, penning down does help.. Either by way of blogs, or a personal diary that I maitain.!

  11. I sometimes find myself in this state of continuously doing something or the other, without spending any moment to actually sit back and think. This post is like a wake call to me. We need some real ‘ME’ time.

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