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When you dress up for an occasion, with a beautiful outfit and the perfect make up, it is the accessories you add to that which further enhance you and your outfit. When you cook a delicious dish or meal and garnish it right it looks a little more appetising.

Similarly, you do up your home, with the carefully chosen furniture and curtains. If you leave the walls blank they do nothing for your home, and it is Paintings that enhance the beauty of your set up and if you would like them to, at your workplace too.

Most people however are not sure about the painting they would like or should choose and more importantly about it being genuine. We’ve all read or heard of how people are cheated with fake copies after paying an exorbitant sum. Going from shop to shop to pick what you like is too tedious a task.

What do you do when you’re looking for genuine art in one place?

You log onto Gallerist

Gallerist has a collection of more than 4,000 original paintings and drawings, created by 1000 artists worldwide. With such a wide variety available at the click of a button, browse through Gallerists easy to use site and pick and choose.


If you are looking for an original painting signed by an artist, Gallerist.in the place to buy from. Each painting exhibited on their website is by an artist who has been verified by the Gallerist team to assure you get the right quality and price.

I am an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna and this stunning pic of Radha and Krishna would fit perfectly in my Puja room.


Their easy to use website guides you well. 3 Days is all it takes to get your chosen paintings delivered to your home. They have special offers going on as well, so log in to the Gallerist site and you could get a better deal on an already good deal!

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