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This sunny yellow, spongy disc soaked in sugar syrup is a sweet traditionally associated with Rajasthan, a state in the Western region of India.

Ghewar is made on important Rajasthani festivals like Teej and Gangaur and gifted to married women, and sent to newly married daughters houses for their first festival celebrations, along with other gifts.

When I was growing up in Bombay buying Ghewar from a regular Sweet shop was impossible and someone either carried it for us from Rajasthan or we requested our regular Mithaiwala to source it for us. These days it is available all through the year and all through the country, unlike its former exclusivity.

Ghewar comes in many variations, Plain, with Malai and another version called Mawa Ghewar, each one more sinful than the other. It is melt in the mouth delicious always a harbinger of auspicious times.


The world is made up of Givers and Receivers. Then there are a balanced few who are Givers and Receivers, both.

Givers give and Receivers take, and over time both becomes habits. Habits which either people seldom realize and even when realization sets in those patterns become difficult to break. Giving and Receiving balances out the equation but when you are just either it causes a serious imbalance.

Over time I have learnt an important lesson. If you are a Giver who finds it difficult to receive, your energy, both mental and physical, depletion is faster. And since you are not a ready receiver your cup of giving runs dry more often. Apart from feelings of frustrations it causes a serious imbalance in the universe as well, and nothing should be left accounted for and without return.

The why’s and wherefores behind this will require a different blogpost by itself but for now all we need to know is this.

It is great to Give and equally great to Receive. Doing either of them is good, but doing them together is even better. Giving and receiving need not be with the same person either. Let gratitude be a long chain where you are one of the links.

So, if a kindness has been done to you, pass it on to someone else, if you can’t return it to the person who bestowed this kindness. If someone helped you, help someone else. If you learnt something, teach it to others.

And let the chain of giving and receiving wrap the Universe in Goodness.

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