A to Z 2017 #ThemeReveal

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Hello Reader!

I am so excited about the A to Z Challenge this year and I hope you are too!

This is my 2nd time at the challenge, I was part of it in 2015 and my theme was Tarot – as I am a Tarot Card Reader.

Planning for the A to Z is always a lot of fun, thinking of topics, discussing them with friends, almost finalizing a topic before something more ‘you’ comes your way is so exciting! I have been brainstorming topics for the past 6 months. I have chewed the brains off Chandni, Amrita, Deepa and Tina and more non blogging friends, including my Husband!

Chandni is always full of great ideas for posts and challenges. She also aced her last A to Z challenge and got an Ebook out of it as well, and had some refreshing ideas for me but then Romila shared some ideas and 26 Favourite Foods was among one of the many suggestions and the mention of Food got my creative juices flowing!

Thank you, Chandni. I hope to use your ideas & suggestions for future A to Z Challenges.

Romila is the most prolific blogger I know and an A to Z ace too also with an ebook to her credit. Thank you, Roms.

Now, I always need to add my special touch to anything that I do, so what could I add to the 26 Favorite Foods I wondered. After some thought I added the ‘Little about Me’ to it. Will a little about me be related to the food I’ll mention, or something else? You’ll need to read my posts to find out.

All I’ll say is that I am a Punjabi, born and brought up in Bombay, married to a Telugu and currently living in Bangalore. This palate has tasted a lot of flavors and eaten food with unpronounceable names (wait to read my post for the letter P to find out what I mean) and relished its food journey.

Join me as my posts make inroads through my memory and moments of Food, in alphabetical order no less, all through April!

Wishing everyone attempting the A to Z the very best and may the Muse be kind to all Writers.

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69 thoughts on “A to Z 2017 #ThemeReveal

  1. Thanks for a mention Mayuri , I love discussing post ideas so brainstorming over themes was a pleasure .
    Your theme sounds perfect and I can see the excitement in your tone so am sure we have some sumptuous reading lined up for the next month!
    I have lived in diverse regions and tasted [ and sometimes cooked] interesting dishes too . Add in a bit of trivia and those personal touches you do and I am sure you’ll have a blast!
    Best Wishes ..

  2. That’s going to be yum 😀 I would love to find out your favorite foods, Mayuri and I’m sure the posts will be so you. Let’s have an amazing April 🙂

  3. Now that sounds yum-licious. Can’t wait to read this theme. But it will be every gastronomes delight.
    Have a fun ride this April as we root for you May.


  4. Learning more about you? I’d love it 🙂
    And ‘May the muse be kind to all of us’.. always love the way you support everyone around you!

    God bless you for spreading all the positive energy!

    And of course, I loved your theme and will read you every day!


  5. Can’t wait to read your posts Mayuri. I am sure it will be fun as it sounds interesting. Being a Punjabi myself, I am a foodie too. Looking forward to know more about different items from your Telugu Punjabi kitchen. 🙂

  6. A hand selected list of favorite foods through out the month of April is going to be really yummy!! I love Food and what is this suspense of P…I cant wait till 19th April and Thank you for picking up my idea suggestion for this year’s ATOZ challenge.

  7. I’m big foodie and Yours theme is for me. Thanks for doing it. Excited to explore more about food with you and awesome recipes and mouth watering pics 🙂

  8. Your post sounds delicious, Mayuri. Since I am Telugu too, I do hope you do justice to your hubby’s side of cuisine. 😉 I remember reading your posts during the 2015 challenge. Have fun this time around too.

  9. Well, that’s a personal twist to a popular theme. I’m sure you’ll rock it 🙂
    Coming up with a theme is always a strange. I actually had theme ready for the first two challenges I did, but this yaer I had to struggle. Let’s hope in the end it will make sense.

    Have a fantastci challenge!

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  10. Nice theme Mayuri. We all eat food and associate a lot of memories with them as well. They can be a lot of experience to share ranging from the good, bad and the ugly to love, hate and adventurous too. Would love to read your posts as u unravel the interesting facts associated with you and the dish of the day. It is going to be fun for sure

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