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Are you Protekted? Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer

We love our Mobile Phone, don’t we? And most of us can’t survive without it, so much so that almost every waking hour is spent glued to our phone. Were you aware though that you Mobile Phone possibly carries more germs than a toilet seat. Or that the Menu in your favourite restaurant lists out all that you are looking forward to eat, except the germs it carries.

And germs on the hands mean germs in or near your mouth?
Did that just make you grimace?
So, since you obviously cannot bear to part with your phone, or stop going out what do you do about the germs? How do you protect yourself against them?
Well, wash your hands of course! But how often is that possible, as frequent washing tends to dry out your palms. What if say, you’re traveling or have no access to soap and water, how do you then keep your hands clean? Germs being ingested and spread around, both cause illnesses. What is the solution?
Godrej seems to have thought of that before we did and have created and introduced The Godrej Protekt Hand Sanitizer – which is not just another hand sanitizer.

The Godrej Protekt Sanitizer is an alcohol free hand sanitizer and naturally derived. Each attractively packaged bottle is 100% recyclable and holds 200 Sprays. Being in a unique spray form the sanitizer spreads better and faster giving you a non-stop 8 hour germ protection against 99.9% germs. The compact size of the bottle allows you slip it in to your purse and pocket. It is so gentle that it is safe to use for children as well and that is why it is called ‘not just another’ hand sanitizer. This hand sanitizer spray is anything, but ordinary.

Buy the best hand sanitizer online which can be taken everywhere and anywhere to kick out 99.9% germs.

A quick and clean way to get even cleaner.


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