Why are you Thankful for Love in your life? #ThankfulThursdays

Being Thankful does not come easily and naturally to most, but when it does and becomes a habit it enriches your life.

I was an almost regular writer and contributor for Thankful Thursdays, till Amrita, who co-hosts it with Tina suggested that Deepa and I join them as co-hosts. In a time when it’s everyone for themselves and putting yourself first is the new cool I was moved and amazed by Amrita’s gesture. So, from writing for #ThankfulThursdays I am one of the co-hosts, just one more thing to be Thankful for;

Why are you Thankful for Love in your life?

Love is one of the basics needs of human beings. After food, water, air, health and money we need love and need to be loved.

I will be eternally grateful for the love and sound upbringing my Parents gave me and that I learnt so much from watching them, from helping people as much as you can, in any way you can. In passing on the belief that I always have enough, and to be Thankful for it all.

Thankful to my strict Convent School upbringing, which I understandably hated then, but because of which I picked up the habit of Reading, thanks to Library Period. My love for Reading has ensured that I am never lonely and I keep upgrading myself. Since life is too short and experiences way too many a love for Reading lets you be part of an experience without going through it yourself.

Thankful to you, my readers, who read all that I write and some even share their thoughts in the form of likes and comments. People can argue away that Likes and Comments don’t matter but to me they are a way you respond to my writing and pictures and that matters to me, as that is your way for showing your love.

The love of true friends, who do not shy away from reprimanding you when you’re wrong and double your happiness by sharing it with you when you win.

Most of all I am thankful for the Love I have for myself. I believe that when you fall in love with yourself, it is an affair that lasts a lifetime, giving you the guidance no one can and making your stronger.

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