Reasons I am Thankful for being a Blogger #ThankfulThursdays

When I started blogging a dozen years ago it was just a ‘cool’ thing to do. Having a blog was like having your personal diary, which was on display for everyone to read, and I wrote and posted keeping that in mind.

In the last few years Blogging has evolved, and how! Your blog is no longer just a personal diary but has gone on to become your brand. As with the changes in blogging there are changes in bloggers too. From a shy reluctance to admitting you have a blog, to the confidence with which this must have accessory, a blog, is flaunted.

This exciting journey has refined some of my existing talents even as it taught me a lot of new things. This ThankfulThursday, hosted by, prompt, Amrita and Tina got me to recollect and share a few I am thankful for;

Writing is what draws readers to a blog. Writing is a prerequisite for having a blog, unless you have a photo blog or some such, and even then a bit of writing is required. I have honed my writing by blogging over the years and have come to understand that

Reading is another way to write better. Reading other blogs is fulfilling, and if you are a good learner and patient reader perusing work written by others could teach you the finer nuances of writing. You

Learn and gain awareness of new genres, different perspectives and refreshing styles of writing. You become aware of how a single thought or prompt can have varied interpretations.  I also learnt that blogging could be a great way to

Earn money, either as a full time career or something on the side. What better way to do so, making what you love, writing, your work and making it pay, literally. I am thankful to blogging as it is also a great way to

Meet people. Blogging groups, blogging communities are a constantly bubbling cauldron of ideas and people, and joining them is a good idea. The one good thing Bloggers share is a common love for writing and reading. Apart from that your similarities and differences lead you to

Befriend people who you click with and take your friendship to real life as well. I am thankful to blogging as it introduced me to people who have gone on to become friends like family over the years. I thankful too, to see and experience the ugly side of blogging which has only made me

Better and not bitter. I learnt that ideas have to be guarded and trust has to be earned. You polish and shine your repertoire of words as you patiently await your turn. What is any experience if it did not

Teach you something that you needed to learn, eh?



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  1. A very interesting style of writing Mayuri .Loved all the reasons why you are #Thankful for being a blogger.
    Love that you write with us for #Thankful Thursdays

    1. I love writing for #ThankfulThursdays, Amrita. Thank YOU:)

  2. Mayuri, I have always admired your writing style. You have taken all the important points and weaved them beautifully . It is a treat to read your blog.

    1. That is such a lovely thing to say, and hear. Thank you, Geethica:)

  3. Loved your style of writing with one point leading to other. Very interesting and very creative. And agree with all the points u mentioned too. 🙂

  4. Agree to all your points. Its a beautiful school where we are evolving through ourselves and with the community

  5. Your word flow is always so calm yet crisp- loved the reasons M and agree with all of them. Reading your blog has made my writing better (or so I would like to think) . I give a lot more emphasis to reading than writing on any given day.
    SO happy to have connected with you in 2016 – hoping to take this friendship to another level!

  6. Amazing list of gratitude towards blogging 🙂 Yes we learn , read , meet a lot & last but not the least our vision increases .Best wishes for your blogging journey

  7. Ditto for all the reasons you have mentioned Mayuri. And the best part is blogging brought us together! ( I almost sound like teen lovers!!)

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