10 Day ‘You’ Challenge: 10 Secrets

10 Secrets

1) I LOVE Bollywood gossip! It is my stress buster!
2) I cannot drive. Despite a valid driving license, AND learning it thrice. Yes, I am duly ashamed of the fact.
3) I cannot ride a bicycle either. Yes, ashamed of that too.
4) I was a borderline OCD (and very annoying to live with I assure you, ask my sister) but I am all good now.
5) I am extremely organized though. Despite being a Gemini.
6) I mostly wear the clothes and shoes I have shopped for immediately, right out of the store.
7) I compliment random strangers. No, I do not think there is anything strange about saying nice things to people.
8) Till 4 years ago I did not know cooking, at all. I learnt cooking online, through blogs and sites. I now also have a food blog.
9) I was nicknamed Baby as a child. I refused to answer to it after I turned 10. Since then I am Mayuri, to one and all.
10) The first thing I notice about people are their teeth and their feet. And I am obsessive about keeping mine in ship shape.

Saw this BlogChallenge on Novemberschild blog and I knew I had to do it!:)

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18 thoughts on “10 Day ‘You’ Challenge: 10 Secrets

  1. My sister was OCD ing and it was not fun.Glad you hot rid of that. Interesting you look at people’s feet and teeth.I have a license too.But driving is not my cup of tea.Great knowing you even better

  2. Oh my God, Mayuri, I have terrible teeth AND feet and you had to notice these of all things! lol @ number 6, really, clothes too?
    I had fun reading this list, Mayuri. You’re a spontaneous and lovely person.

  3. I do have an OCD about certain things, but none that make me difficult to live with, thankfully.

    Feet and teeth? That’s interesting. 🙂

    Nice to know you a little more than what I did 5 minutes back. 😀

  4. What a fun post that was ! Infact love the sound of the entire 10 to 1 plan. I can’t live without healthy Hollywood gossip . That whole Kangana Hritik episode .. I was hooked . I am the desi Monica when it comes to OCD and maybe cooking too . But I am a very homely cook , nothing fancy shmancy so no blog posts I guess on food ever from me .. And driving alone with loud music is nirvana. You must try and relearn .. You’ll not regret it .

    Looking forward to the next 9 posts !

  5. Bollywood gossip is indeed a stress buster… Sometimes I just laugh at the fights they have with each other. You are an organized gimini … and were borderline OCD too… how did that ever happen. I am a Gemini and organized is not in my stars 😉 loved knowing more about you.

  6. This was such a fun read. I can’t ride a bicycle either. I compliment strangers too sometimes and enjoy how happy they look. And how lovely that you’ve learnt so much cooking in such less time. 🙂

  7. I am loving this challenege series that you have started – its fun to know you and see how much we have in common and then some…
    I have much more than borderline OCD – sigh! someday shall share it with you over that perfect cup of tea 😉
    You must definitely learn to drive again -its a stress buster on highways and roads where you can drive in the rain and listen to the music as you go on and on and on…

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