I wish I had the power of….#WedShadow



‘Forgive and forget’ is advice handed out by more people than the number that  actually practices it.

Forgive is doable.

But I can never seem to forget. How does one do that?

My elephantine memory ensures that I remember each word and every detail of what I shouldn’t (of course this elephantine memory transforms into that of Aamir Khan’s in Ghajini when it comes to remembering everyday stuff, and directions)

And because I can’t forget I always wish I had the Power of Selective Memory. The power to erase a painful or unpleasant memory at will, and carry on happily.

How wonderful it would be to have the have the ability to do that at will! Just as we erase unwanted forwards and pictures from our phone memory so we have place for more, I would happily do the same and preserve only good memories that make me smile!

Wishful thinking, I know.

But Roms and Ruchie did share a tempting prompt Which one power you wish you get in life and why ? for #WedShadow and this is the power it made me wish for.




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