Decluttering #MayTivation


With a brand New Year awaiting us soon most of us surely have a list of resolutions written down, to start following from the 1st of January 2017.
Why not give yourself a head start and begin today, in this last month of the year 2016?
Start with decluttering your home of all the things you’ve been hoarding, and haven’t used even once throughout the year.
Declutter your mind from rigid thoughts, old grudges, and beliefs that have not worked for you and those that have worked against you.
Your body could help with some decluttering too, by replacing unhealthy eating patterns with healthier options.
Declutter your life from set routines and your comfort zones.
Declutter your friends list, distancing yourself from people who occupy a place in your social media lists to snoop on your life but haven’t been in touch even once in this year, from friends who are always there for you when they need you, and not the other way around.
Decluttering redistributes trapped energies even as it infuses a fresh dose of energy.
So, get a head start on everyone else and start today!

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