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From Soil to Oil: The Palm Oil story

The 19th of November had Bangalore based bloggers heading to Taj Vivanta on M G Road, courtesy the invitation of Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) who had organized a Blogger meet to shine the light on Palm Oil.


Palm Oil is known as the ‘poor man’s oil’ and it is more often than not associated with words like climate change, deforestation, damaging and the like. MPOC invited bloggers to educate and enlighten us about Palm Oil, it’s uses, it’s manufacturing process and the various myths surrounding it.


An illuminating and thought provoking session, headed by Ms Bhavna Shah, Regional Head, MPOC, India & Sri Lanka, started with letting us know that there are 2 different types of Oil that are extracted from the Palm fruit.

Palm Oil is extracted from the flesh of the fruit


Palm Kernel Oil is extracted from the seed of the Palm fruit

both the Oils completely differ from each other, in composition and values.

Malaysia has a no-burn policy, so, from root to tip the entire Palm tree, known as the gift of nature and a gift for life, is used to manufacture varied products ranging from soaps, lipsticks, toothpaste, pharmaceuticals to Biodiesel, which is known as the green fuel of the future, and more. Without being aware of it we are all consuming Palm Oil in some form or the other.

Some Benefits of Palm Oil

Because of less oil absorption in food and that it retains the flavor of food, Palm Oil is widely used for deep frying purposes in the food industry all over the world.

It is resistant to oxidation and spoilage

It is non GMO

Free of trans fat as it never needs hydrogenation

It has a long shelf life and it stable at high temperature

Balanced fatty acid content

Contains Vitamin E and tocotrienols

Produces less volatile compounds

Suitable for blends for use in cold regions

Palm Oil celebrates 100 years of existence next year, and if you were as surprised to hear that as I was, and unaware of its benefits and the truth behind the myths, here are a few links that could help you know more;

Website: www.mpoc.org.in

Twitter Handle: @thinkpalmoil

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mpoc.eu/

Instagram: thinkpalmoil

We wrapped up this educative session over lunch and bonding with each other. Thank you MPOC & Organisers.



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