Surprise! #FridayFotoFiction #Week4


He told her to be at the restaurant at eight
She blushed, promising she wouldn’t be late
She dressed to the nines
brushed her hair till it shined

She drove to the restaurant
Wondering what would be ‘the surprise’
She practiced her reaction
Then laughed at herself, rolling her eyes

She parked the car and did a little jig
Took deep breaths willing heartbeats not to skip
Walked towards the restaurant with a song in her heart
Entered, and got a start

For there he was, down on one knee
Proposing to his love

And his love was a He


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  1. what a wonderful moment..captured in 100 words

  2. That’s interesting. The heroine needs body language lessons.On a more serious note .This can be a horrible letdown .Interesting twist to a perfect setting

  3. I like the twist. But did he want a witness to his proposal! But the girl shouldn’t waste all the dressing up! If it was me i would go and have fun! Nice Mayuri

  4. Lovely..I liked the way you wrote it in just 100 words and that too in the form of a poetry. Only you can do this magic of words so effortlessly. Now I am wondering on what to write for this prompt. 🙂

  5. Did he say yes? Did he? 😀

  6. so beautiful…and yes you did surprised and how!!

  7. Love it. Did he accept? What did she do? Was she smart and congratulate them? Did she walk away head held high? Mm?

  8. Ha ha what a twist mayuri. Fantastic ☺

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