Let go #MayTivation




Imagine if you were asked to walk around with a 20 kilo sack of potatoes strapped to your back. Or asked to inhale a toxic gas everyday?


The thought itself is torturous, and tires you out, right?

Then why choose to walk around with the burden of resentment and allow bitter memories to fester inside your heart and soul, day after day?

In the solitary confinement of our minds we are always victims, hurt or treated unfairly by the world. But pause and recollect how many times you’ve been unfair, or hurt others. And if you’re honest with yourself you will realise that you’ve been on the other side too.

Start with forgiving yourself, before you embark on the path of forgiving others. Know that whatever happened in the past IS the past. You can’t go back and change what you did do, or did not do, but you can change the way you handle your reaction in the future. Maturity brings the realisation that the only person you can control is YOU.

Meditate, walk, take deep breaths, listen to soothing music as you mentally unclip each damaging memory and release it, freeing yourself. Meet anger with sympathy and cruelty with kindness. Give out what you want returned, and over time it will come back to you.

Difficult? Maybe.

Impossible? No!



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