We’ve all probably heard the saying, ‘You’re known by the company you keep’.

But how many of us realise that we eventually become the company we keep too?

Everyday relationships, friendships and even acquaintance-ships have the slow and silent power to rub off their effects and behavioural patterns onto you.

When you find yourself amongst people whom you dislike or find disturbing to be around with, take care to see that you don’t respond in kind.  Never lose the inner core of your wonderfulness, no matter how many unpleasant people and situations you may face.
Don’t defend yourself by emotionally by putting up walls either, for when you do that you not only trap your own energies, but prevent new energies from reaching out to you.

If you can’t distance yourself from such people and situations, try emotional distancing, by not allowing their words and actions to seep into your being.

And continue being the BeYOUtiful soul that you are.

To quote the famous author Maya Angelou, ‘You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them’


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