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5 Lessons I learnt from doing a Daily Blogging Challenge


I signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) with BlogChatter last month, where we needed to write and post daily, through the month. While writing gives me a high, the ‘what to write’ and finding time to write it are the tough bits and what drove me metal, almost. Till a few deep breaths later I decided to learn from this challenge and enjoy it, rather than fret about it and end up hating it.

Blogging daily is not an easy task. Annoyance at the lack of ideas and posts not turning out how you want them to are excuses that could turn into reasons to give up at any point of the challenge. The fact that there is no one monitoring you is tempting enough to make a quiet exit. That is when you shouldn’t.

I am glad I stayed put, for these are the lessons this challenge taught me.

Discipline: An occasional spurt of daily blogging is good for your blogs health. It makes you think, it makes you carve out time for writing, it gives you a sense of responsibility, it attracts an audience and if you’re lucky enough, you are left with loyal readers who are hooked to your writing style.

Experimenting and Balancing: Writing and posting everyday gives you a chance to explore various genres of writing, like 55 word stories, flash fiction, micro blogging and more. And experimenting with varied genres ensures that you could balance your posts, include a light hearted one if you’ve been doing a lot of serious writing or a short and sweet one, if lengthy posts are all you have.

Perseverance: I wanted to drop out of the challenge many times, as it got overwhelming. Also there was sudden travel, a planned trip and the festival season which meant tons of work and less time for writing. But I was determined to complete the UBC and finish with 31 posts ,and after doing so, I am glad I did.

Evaluation: I realized my writing strengths. What worked for me, what just about worked for me and what just didn’t work at all. And when I was happy and comfortable with what I wrote, my posts reflected that.

Friendship: I discovered friendship, where at times my fellow bloggers encouraged me with their comments on my posts and gave me ideas and while at other times just seeing them go ahead with determination gave me that much needed boost to write my next post too, even though I thought I couldn’t.

In fact, I got such a high from doing the UBC that I signed up for not 1 but 2 Daily Blogging Challenges for November!

I will be writing and posting daily for the NaBloPoMo and this is my first post

I will also be attempting to write a 50 Thousand word book through NaNoWriMo

Wish me luck and wish me words! May the muse be kind!



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