The Ragpicker

With each new day I start once more the salty sea air my perfume my riches strewn on the shore Your waste is my treasure your thrash brings me pleasure You use and throw my mountain of joy grows Crumpled candy wrappers like diamonds they shine the candy, your child’s reward the wrapper, mine A broken pen I use to write letters never known A string of beads I carefully put away something to call my own The sun shining down on me as I go through the day wading through the debris of your discard I make my way Picking and choosing what I deem fit Weighing, measuring, what I’ll get for it This is my kingdom I am the queen this is where I reign Unknown. Unseen

14 thoughts on “The Ragpicker

  1. That line about candy wrappers went straight to my heart. Innumerable kids living this life today. Your style of writing and expression is so casual that it makes the truth hard hitting. I loved this write.

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