3 Day – 3 Quote Challenge: Day 2


Even before you wake up in the morning, technology has you in its grip, with the alarm you set on your cellphone waking you up.
As you open your eyes to another day, and to switch off the alarm, you can’t help but sneak a quick peek at all the messages that flooded various mailboxes while you slept.
And so it begins, another day with you entangled in various forms of social media.
You tell yourself you’re merely ‘staying in touch with people and things’ not even pausing to realise that you’re losing touch with yourself.
You have no time to observe, no time to think and no time to feel, just going through the motions of the day with all your head bowed down to your master, the screen of your phone or computer.
Little wonder then, being offline is the new luxury.
Go, indulge.

I was tagged by NovembersChild for this Challenge, just when I was wondering what my next post topic would be!:)

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