Book Review: The BNO. Sex, Life and Hookah by Manoj Jain


Disclaimer: Spoiler Alert! This review may contain spoilers!

Dear Mr.Manoj Jain,

Congratulations on your debut in the publishing world, with your book The BNO, Life, Sex and Hookah.

The premise of your book sounded so interesting;
8 Men,
Two Girls,
One Boys’ Night Out (BNO)

It started off rather well too, with you using quotes from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ at the start of each chapter.
I liked how you began with introducing the first character, till I began to think, ‘Hey! That is way too much information for page 5!’
But you know, every authors style is different and I read along. Sadly, as the story progressed and more characters were introduced, it kept getting more and more bizzare.

I agree that the title, The BNO, Life, Sex and Hookah, should have been warning enough, but despite it I found little justification for the way your characters thought, talked and behaved. What was the reason for seemingly happily married couples having perverted sides and cheating on their spouses? Is having a tough professional life or a strict upbringing reason enough to cheat on a marriage?

Your book made me sad, Mr Jain, as it made me wonder if this this the ‘hidden side’ of most people? Also,why should a wife suffer the miscarriage of a much-longed for child? Why should another wife kill her herself and why should a Husband cheat a supportive and trusting wife.
And about another wife lusting after her driver! I was speechless. With disgust!

In your Authors Note you specify that ‘all characters are imaginary (as are the situations). It is likely, however, for you to find traces of yourself in some of the characters, a side that you have kept private.’ I certainly didn’t, as all the characters came across as kinky and proud of their debauchery!

Your writing style is good and engaging, Mr Jain. Hope you choose a better premise for your next book. Wishing you all the best.

I received a copy of your book from The Tales Pensieve in return for an honest review, and here it is.

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