Dining with Celebrities

If you had 6 chairs on your dining table, which celebrities would you invite to dinner and why?
As I read this post on Ruchi’s blog I just knew I wanted to write my own. And here it is!

Imagine what an ideal scenario this would be! I admit I didn’t need to think long, as the people mentioned below have been long time favourites
Ladies first, as they say. So starting with the ladies;

Sushma Swaraj:
I am floored by her shudh Hindi and her big bindi! And after seeing her in action on Twitter, where she’s funny, stern and gets work done, I look forward to meeting her someday! What a pleasure it would be!

Rakhi Sawant:
You can close your mouth now, as you DID read right! I first spotted Rakhi Sawant when she ‘burst’, no pun intended, on the screen in a risqué music video. Her appearance in Big Boss showed a more real (as real as the script allowed, yes I know!) side of her and she kind of sneaked into my list of favorites. Bindaas and brash she always says it like it is, and entertains us as she does so!

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev:
This modern version of a Guru speaks impeccable English in a deep baritone which I could listen to for hours! Added bonus, he blogs too. I love how much sense his thoughts make. Always. Imagine listening to them live!

Baba Ramdev:
I am a HUGE fan! Of his products AND Yoga. Yes, despite the disastrous escaping in a Salwar-Kameez episode. If his products are all that he truly claims them to be, and since I have been using a lot of them for about 4 years now, and feeling better for it, then we truly have a miracle worker in our midst.

Usain Bolt:
The fastest man on earth! With enough chutzpah and swag to endear him off the field too! I have only watched him run. Would be nice to have him sit down, and have a conversation with.

And saving the best for last;

Ranveer Singh: I have the biggest crush on him and I never cease to be amazed by his dedication to his work, and his boundless energy! What fun it would be to get some tips!

This post is part of the Writing Challenge #IndiSpire136 topic “If you had 6 chairs on your dining table, which celebrities would you invite to dinner and why?” by Indiblogger.

So, who would the 6 Celebrities on your guest list be?

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