Hot Shower

Seema liked hot showers.
She believed in and had invented the quote, “There is no problem in this world that a hot shower can’t solve.”
A hot shower, according to Seema, was the solution to any, if not all problems. Besides being such an ardent advertiser, she was a big fan of hot showers herself. She bathed under a stream of scalding water that fogged up the entire bathroom and had even caused the fire alarm to go off once.
After a shower, she liked to doodle on the fogged up mirror.
If currently in love, her favourite doodle was her name and the name of her present love in a heart. Besides this, the ‘Peace’ symbol was another. These days she was practicing the yin/yang symbol.
After she finished doodling, she would wipe the mirror clean. There was something about this ‘hot shower-doodling-wiping the mirror clean’ routine that gave Seema immense satisfaction. She didn’t know why, but it gave her a strange sort of peace.
Yes, Seema liked hot showers.
One day, after practicing the yin/yang, when she wiped off the mirror, she saw something that made her doubt her eyesight. For, instead of her usual pink-as-a-shrimp face (yes, regular hot showers did that) she saw a street!
A street?! Hello! Wasn’t this her bathroom mirror?? She turned and looked behind her, and sure enough she was in her very own bathroom!
Seema wiped away furiously at the steam fogging the mirror again, and as it cleared she saw it was indeed a street.
A cobbled street that snaked through a row of houses on either side.
Her curiosity piqued, Seema decided to find out what this was about. She stepped out through the mirror, like she would out of a window, and was on the other side, standing on the street.
She walked ahead, wondering what she would find.
It was a clean little street with flowers spilling out of window boxes of every home.
Walking further she saw people. Beautiful people. Strange people.
People who were like porcelain figurines come to life. Delicate china-doll women with alabaster skin, a cupid-bow mouth and sapphire and emerald eyes. Golden ringlets of hair tumbling down their backs. Wearing exquisite silk dresses with matching parasols. The men were perfect too. Handsome. Replicas of each another too. Wearing velvet clothing with hair as dark as the night.
They all went about their work silently. None of them spoke.
The animals on the street, regal black dogs with long, silky fur and plump vain cats with muted silver fur were quiet too.
No bark. No mew.
Cherubic children held on to their parents and smiled. They didn’t gurgle, nor did they cry.
They were silent too. Like everything else in this place.
Seema was fascinated.
Curious about the silence, she tapped a woman on her shoulder, wanting an answer about this mystery.
The woman didn’t turn.
Seema tapped again.
Still the woman didn’t turn.
“How rude!” thought Seema and walked around and stood facing the woman.
“Excuse Me” she said to her.
No response.
She waved her hand in front of the woman’s  face but the woman’s emerald eyes looked through her like Seema was a piece of glass.
Now Seema was really angry.
“I’ll show her” she said to herself!
She stuck her tongue out at the woman, crossed her eyes, flapped her palms on either side of her forehead like they were ears and danced madly in front of the woman letting out a ear-piercing Red Indian war cry. Seema went crazy.
Yes, Seema liked hot showers.

Seema also liked L.S.D.

I’ve had a lot of requests for Part 2 of this story. You could read it here

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  1. Hahahaha.. Loved this! The last line! Brilliantly done.

  2. Fun Read.. Lovely done

  3. Simply brilliant! Mayuri you took me on the journey with Seema, into an enchanting world! Pity that one needs LSD to experience such magic! Superb!

  4. Yes LSD will do that.I have 2 Qs.DiD Seema wear clothes when she stepped onto the streets.?
    How come SMSHE had such a tame dream under LSD?
    An interesting story.What happens next?

    1. Amrita, it was no dream, it was Seema’s imagination while on a high:))
      You are tempting me to write a sequel, I am already thinking ‘what happens next’ :)))))

      1. Yes ,definitely write a sequel.But then you will need to give an age disclaimer to your post.Very interesting post.

  5. Ahhh so that’s why… what an ending! I love hot showers but now I will remember this story the next time I wipe the mirror 🙂

  6. Wonderful read, loved the last line 😉

  7. ha ha 🙂
    Wonderful twist !!

  8. Nice Post 🙂

    Beautifully Crafted!!

  9. The one thing I love about being a writer is not needing LSD to let my imagination go wild in general. Loved how you let your imagination run wild in the end, and absolutely loved the twist. PS: I also love hot showers and doodling on the mirror after.

  10. Loved it! It sure was an interesting piece and the way you ended it, it added more fun!


  11. Interesting..nice twist at the end!

  12. I did not know about LSD… Wow to imaginations. Loved the twist at the end. #UpMyRank

  13. Interesting Happy to connect #zarahatkeblogreads

  14. Love it!! Especially the last line – really not what I was expecting!!

  15. AH!! What a lovely story! The twist in the end is superb. 🙂

  16. Brilliantly done! Love the way how the tempo of the poem raises with the trip …

  17. Haha! That was fun 🙂 I definitely didn’t see that coming. Interesting twist!

  18. ha ha ..last line made it all! loved the story!

  19. hahah The LSD effect…awesome, loved this interesting fiction 🙂

  20. What vivid imagination; I want to know what happened next…. Waiting to see if you will write more in continuation or maybe ask other bloggers to do a guest blog piece to take it further… cheers

  21. LMAO!!!! I loved it! You’re a fab writer!

  22. what a fantastic picture you painted there Mayuri! I didn’t want that world to end, and haha the surprise at the end, wild intriguing stuff!

  23. This was a unique write up. And the last line just turned it all around. When I saw that the story was ending, I was thinking you’d have another part coming up. In fact, You should write a part two for this 😀

  24. Loved it totally and specially the last line.. 😀

  25. Greetings! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and
    finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out
    from Atascocita Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic work!

  26. What a lovely story ! Beautifully crafted !!

  27. Haha! Brilliantly penned,Mayuri. I loved the way you structured the story and brought in the twist.:)

  28. AAWWIE! I just loved the post and related to it so much dear 🙂

  29. She imagined so much with LSD, but you have imagined more beautifully… were you also under the its influence ???

  30. I had a gala time reading this 😀

  31. Ha Ha! Seema does have a quirky mind.

  32. I really look forward to a sequel. Want to know a bystanders account after she is out of LSD.

  33. I love Hot Showers. It’s where I invariably think of some of my best ideas.
    A lot of my fiction comes from my dreams. A hot shower in the morning, always helps me recall the vivid images of the dream that I had, which I might have otherwise forgotten.

  34. Wow..you created a very vivid imagery! Nicely-done story too.

  35. Hi there, I read your blog like every week. Your humoristic style
    is witty, keep up the good work!

  36. hehe..loved it! Your humor, I tell you, is infectious! 😀

  37. Beautifully portrayed, Mayuri. Loved the end and the entire character description and environment. 🙂 Keep writing.

    1. Thanks so much, Ashwini 🙂

  38. I loved every post of this tale, including the protagonist’s name 😛
    I was gripped it to it till the very end. One of the few short tales I’ve enjoyed reading in a while.

    Also on a side note, I don’t like hot showers or LSD 😛

  39. LSD twist… restrained, withheld and then revealed! Hooked till end…
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

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