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In The Dark Of The Night

In The Dark Of The Night Mumbai has always been known as the city that never sleeps but it is snoring tonight, thought Richa as she walked the empty streets. She had decided to stay back to finish work and tie up some loose ends before her annual holiday started on the morrow, not realizing how late it was when …

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My Alter Ego and Me, in a tete-a-tete over a cup of tea

The world is such a wonderful place! Things are just as they seem! (Tee-hee. It’s the rose tinted glasses that show her what she sees!) People are honest They say what they mean (This statement is the best it is such a scream!) I’ve got true friends Who’ll be there for me (Did I mention the blinders that stop her …

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I came across a quiz on facebook. The question asked was ‘What colour defines you’.  I took the quiz and the answer was ‘Red’ which happens to be my favourite colour.  But the question, ‘What colour defines you’ stayed in my mind, and inspired a blog post 🙂 Can one colour define you?Does one colour define you? I wouldn’t agree.Emotions …

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Book Review: The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

Pages: 368 Genre: Romance. Fiction Available in: Paperback and E-book Format   The Plot: Ella Rubinstein is a 40 year old stay-at-home mother and wife with a beautiful home, 3 children and a prosperous husband. Outwardly, Ella has everything one could wish for, despite which she still feels an unnamed sense of discontent. Agreeing to a part time job as …

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    ‘Rex said I was fat!’ exclaimed Alice, ‘…am I fat, Jojo?’ she implored her sister ‘Yes you are.’ replied Jojo, as she flexed her limbs ‘And you’re mean!’ exclaimed Alice, again. Jojo shrugged nonchalantly, as she looked into the distance ‘Look at Tina there,’ pointed Alice, ‘and look at Rex looking at her! Do you think he likes …

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