Twin Book Reviews – The Last Queen of India AND Nefertiti

The Last Queen of India AND Nefertiti by Michelle Moran
Historical fiction is not a genre that would interest me. Or so I thought, till a friend introduced me to Michelle Moran’s books. I was reluctant to start reading the first book but when I did start I couldn’t put it down!
The reason I am reviewing 2 books together is because, I read them back to back and all that I may have to say and share about one could be said for the other too. So here goes!
Jhansi ki Rani or Rani Laxmibai and Nefertiti are not names you may have not have heard of.
Both were Queens who were known to have been adored by their people.Strong women who took decisions that changed the course of history, and their lives. But what were they behind closed doors? What made them take the decisions they did? How did their decisions affect their family and loved ones? What were their insecurities and strengths, what kept them up at night and who did they trust, or not?
Rani Laxmibai had 6 personal, female bodyguards protecting her day and night. These guards had to go through various tests before they were chosen, sever all ties with their past, friends and family and promise a lifetime of loyalty to the Queen and crown. The guards were skilled in handling and using weapons, martial arts and some also went on to become confidants of the Queen. Sita was one of the Queens Guards and also her confidant, and is the narrator of The Last Queen of India.
Nefertiti was born to royalty and promised to it too. When the crown prince she was supposed to have been betrothed to dies under mysterious circumstances, Nefertiti sees to it that she is married to his successor, his younger brother. And as his Queen, she comes into her own, to the extent of shocking her countrymen and creating history by crowning herself a Pharaoh, a title akin to that of a King and only the privilege of men. Mutnodjmet, Nefertiti’s younger sister, who was always regaled to the shadows of her elder sister’s powerful aura narrates the tale of Nefertiti.
Michelle Moran loves history. And her writing assures that you will love it too.
Detailed research and painstaking attention to details weave stories that pull you in and transport your imagination to the places and people you are reading about. You become part of the cast of characters and feel the emotions they are going through, empathizing, sympathizing and even cheering them on!
Moran also seems to be pro-women, as the male protagonists in both the books I’ve read seem to come across as flawed.
But Historical Fiction is a genre you can take liberties with, and Moran seems to have taken the right ones, which enhance the story and leave a long lasting impact, much after you’ve turned the last page.

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  1. Wow! I love historical fictions, would love to read them someday. Adding in my "to read" list. 🙂

  2. Nice reviews Mayuri

  3. Looks interesting..will surely try to read them!

  4. I actually love historical fiction.. it's like beforehand itself there is a scaffolding of a building ready in the reader's mind.. and you as the author get to play and twist around with that idea. 🙂

  5. Michelle Moran is an excellent author! I've read all of her books and love them! Great review!

    Modern Gypsy

  6. Ahhaaa.. This is not a genre that I would pick but this sounds really interesting.. Should check these books out

  7. These are are such fascinating stories. I don’t know much about Queen Nefertiti , it would be great to read about her.

  8. Nefretti was definitely a woman who new her own mind very well.Power hunger can change both men and women.Sometimes for good and sometimes its doubtful.
    Interesting review

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