Day 5 – Tiny Shoes

My dear child how much joy to us you brought
When we welcomed you into this world
All our pain and worries were nought
My dear child how you made us smile
At your innocent antics watching which
We thanked God twice
My dear child how proud you made us feel
When you excelled in school and sports
The right style of parenting we felt we had achieved

My dear child how happy and proud we were
When you made big strides in the corporate world
And spread your business wide and far
My dear child our hearts burst with pride
When you introduced us to your soulmate
And you both walked down the aisle
My dear child how happily we smiled down at you
When you gave us the opportunity to play with our grandchildren
Not just one, but cherubs two
My dear child we still wonder what wrong did we do
As we stay abandoned in this old age home
Clutching to our hearts your tiny shoes.

Writing as part of Team Purple Rain for the prompt, ‘Tiny Shoes’

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16 thoughts on “Day 5 – Tiny Shoes

  1. The story unfolded so sweetly until the end, it was tragic what happened to the old couple. There are so many like them, discarded, rejected and forgotten by their own children. Lovely poem.

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