Day 1 – Stranger than fiction

The Superstar is adored by women, despite beating up and disrespecting the ones in his life. 
The Superstar’s career keeps rising, even as he quashes the careers of others on a whim, and vengeance. 
The Superstars misdemeanors are laughed at indulgently and dismissed as ‘growing up rebellion’ even as attention is diverted to his ‘big heart’ generous nature’ ‘his love for his family’ and his latest altruistic avatar, in the form of a clothing line the name of which completely belies what he hasn’t ever been. 
The Superstar is the ambassador for the country while truly deserving icons look on helplessly. 
The Superstar walks out scot free, after mowing down human beings with his car and shooting down endangered species of deer with his gun. 
The Superstar is now the blue-eyed boy of the classes too and he is celebrated and applauded.
 The Superstar is all that and more, because life is one fascinating story where the truth is stranger than fiction.

Writing as part of Team Purple Rain for the prompt, ‘Stranger than fiction’
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32 thoughts on “Day 1 – Stranger than fiction

  1. When it comes to this particular superstar aka human aka bhai, classes and masses both give a blind eye. Reason still Remains a mystery. I wonder how easy it is to take away lives and get away with it with ease. Nicely penned.

  2. The enchanted lot is taken over by the sparkles and hype created so cannot clearly see the actual picture… Also, somewhere the fantasy world takes over the real..

  3. He got away with all these things because he had the support of the masses and classes alike. A strange case that perplexes the logical thinking individuals. Great take on the prompt.

  4. True, this entire story would not even be believed if it were fiction! But because it is somehow related to a superhero, the whole perspective changes.

    I liked the take on the prompt, Mayuri 🙂

  5. Thank you so much, for enjoying this post and stopping by to let me know that you'll did.
    Believe it or faint, I have been a HUGE fan of The Superstar for the longest time ever, till better sense prevailed! :)))))

  6. Loved your post, Mayuri. Repenting one's mistake and serving the term for it can only make another trust him/her. I agree no one is perfect in this world. But providing such a person with the freedom to walk away even after a gruesome sin is just not the thing to do.

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