Winds of change…

When I was single, I was often advised ‘Never get married. Everything changes after marriage.’

Get married I did, much against various statutory warnings *and pssssssstttt, it’s not as bad as people tell you it is!* But in the few weeks that I have been married, I find out everyday how much things, not everything please note, change *so they were right about something at least!*

For instance;

I am so chuffed that I survived without regular doses *read24*7*of the internet AND facebook for the past 2 months!! I was wondering if I could accomplish a hat-trick till the with drawl symptoms hit bad, really bad!

I have never been gifted so many pressies as I have in the last few weeks, post marriage! I am so delighted that I was actually wondering aloud if we should renew our vows each year, till a dirty look from The Husband quashed the thought instantly!

My life has now been segregated into two neat sections; A.B (After Bai ) and B.B(Before Bai)I have a list of things to finish doing before the maids come in and after they complete their work for the day and leave. I even schedule my work appointments to match their timings. My clients are in shock.

I now wake up to see the sun rising, without the aid of an alarm, or come to think of it even before the useless thing decides to bleddy ring! My mother is in shock.

Shoe and bag shops no longer excite me, but I had to be held back from dancing on the counters on the premises of Rathna Steel , Chennai. Who would have known that the sight of steel vessels could do that to me? I am still in shock.

I now have the numbers of the maids, milkman, paperboy, pest control man, vegetable vendor, grocery vendor on my speed dial. My cellphone is in shock.

I make a mean filter coffee each morning for The Husband. The Husband is still in shock.

I have now realized that I can enjoy the fiery Andhra cuisine and maybe even survive it after a few Rantac’s. My stomach is in shock.

I now have an unpronounceable surname. All those who hear it are in shock.

13 thoughts on “Winds of change…

  1. Lovely to see you back again! Great post…yes, lots of things change, but only for the better. I read it out aloud to my hubby and we had a good laugh.

    You must write more posts like this 🙂

  2. Loved reading your 'shocking' experience. 😀
    After 12 years of marriage I can definitely say it changes you at least 50%. And it does the same to the spouse too. Indeed a shocking yet interesting and loveable learning experience. I would say, whoever wishes must get married. But what changes you completely is parenthood. You actually lose yourself to a whole new person. 🙂

  3. Haha… How on Earth is Steel utensils doing so much for you ? 🙂 I would have expected the gifts and saris would have been the ones that lit up your eyes.

    Also, all the best for that Andhra cuisine 🙂 If rantac proves too weak, try rabeprazole or one of its siblings.. thats what I do 😀

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