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Oh Boy!

I love Tags and being Tagged.
When Pushpa Tagged me I was thrilled, till I realized what it was about.
The Tag requires you to list at least ten things you have ever wanted, or done, which your gender is not supposed to.

I’m a total girly girl who enjoys every aspect of being one and I really had to think, and then think some more, to come up with the 10 points required.
Here they are;

** I’m not big on personal shopping. I shop twice a year and I’m done.

** I don’t think, “All men are bastards”, either because I’ve probably only met the good ones, or maybe  because they are on their best behavior around me ;-D

** Though I could cook a bit, if you put a gun to my head, I don’t.

** Contrary to popular belief , I have always thought that as women we have it easier than men do. Unlike us, men have to subscribe to norms; they can rarely express their emotions and can almost never choose to opt out of the rat race and just sit home if they want to.

** I think a woman’s worst enemy is another woman.

** I take super quick showers and get dressed in a jiffy.

** My beauty routine consists of washing my face a couple of times a day, and the only cosmetics I own are lippys and liner.

** I think beng gifted flowers is a waste of money, and I despise red roses.

** I think it’s really cruel to ask a man, “Do I look fat in this?” This question should be legally banned and penalized if/whenever used.

** I really, really, desperately want to learn the fingers-in-mouth shrill whistle.

And now for the tough part. I’ve got to tag people.
If you read this and you don’t take the tag up you are – ‘cursed to wear blue clothes pants if you are a woman and pink shirts if you are a man – for next twelve years’. So I tag, Anuja, Aarti, Maya, Nautilus, Sandhya and Shelly.

5 thoughts on “Oh Boy!

  1. haaahaa I too want to learn to whistle with fingers in mouth..have always wanted to….thanks for sharing..it was fun going through ur list

  2. Stereotypes trap men and women both, and it's tougher for men to break free, because there is shame attached to anything women do, being done by men.

    Being seen as dumb, weak, cowardly, irrational, dependent etc isn't really a compliment for anybody I guess 🙂

    Sad about women being considered women's enemies. I feel when you are raised to see your family's happiness as your life's goal, then perceived threats from those who might steal what was your sole reason for existing could make one insecure. Women who have more to their lives than (just like everybody else does)their family – a career (not just a job), some interests and some confidence, are less likely to be other women's enemies.

    I mean, women who believe they are somebody even if they happen to have no husband or no son – will not feel insecure and will not see other women as threats.

    I too tried learning to whistle with finger in the mouth – my sister does it fabulously!!

    About banning 'DO I look fat in this?" – I think one needs to ban attitudes that expect people to be thin instead of just being fit. Women need to learn there's more to life than a partner's approval.

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