You know you’re all grown up when you…

* Can accept compliments gracefully.
* Enjoy silence as much as you enjoy a good conversation.
* Dole out advice only when asked for.
* Don’t remember the last time you had an anxiety-ridden, ‘I  have nothing to wear!’ moment.
* Tell yourself you have enough shoes. And believe it.
* Pass up a pre-sale invite, with a very tempting discount, at your favorite boutique.
* Can say ‘No’ without feeling guilty.
* Aren’t even remotely interested in knowing what people think of you.
* Stop asking people their starsign and then form mental blocks accordingly
* Make peace with your body shape and start appreciating it.
* Realize that saving gives you the same high as spending does.
* Stop pining for George Clooney
* Believe dieting is not torture, it just means eating sensibly.
* Recognize that, for most people, good manners are not mandatory.
* Understand that the opposite of love is not hate. It is indifference.
* Are all of the above and are still adored and fun to be with!;-D

8 thoughts on “You know you’re all grown up when you…

  1. new to your blog here and loving it 🙂

    its so awesome 🙂

    oh yeah, i quite agree with most of the pointers here, but shoes and clothes 🙂 i dnt think any woman can have enough of them !

    lemme read the other posts and get back to you !!!

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