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Pehchan Kaun!?!?

Is this
1)Your neighbourhood paanwala, with an unusual affinity for jewelry and silks.
2)A pehelwan at the akhada, with an unusual affinity for jewelry and silks.
3)Britney Spears, having a ‘the-mirror-lied-to-me-*again*’day.

Is this
1)A freak of nature.
2)A person with a rare illness, which causes strange growths to appear on the body.
3)Beyonce, having a bad hip day.

Is this
1)Pandu Havaldar.
2)Your building security guard demanding a pay hike, to feed himself better.
3)Posh Spice, having a ‘I-want-to-look-ridiculous-and-I-will’ day.

Is this
1)Another freak of nature.
2)A lush after a skirmish.
3)Madonna, having a ‘I-missed-my-Kabbalah-meet’ day.

Is this
1)Christopher Walken.
2)The retired neighborhood uncle who is fighting for a cause, always.
3)Kate Moss, having a ‘I-missed-my-daily-Botox-appointment’ day.

Is this
1)A sack of potatoes.
2)A sack of potatoes with a human torso peeping from behind it.
3)Oprah Winfrey, having a ‘Why-do-I-look-like-I-am-emerging-from-a-sack-of-potatoes’ day.

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