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And if you need to know more about me, you only have to ask…

Tags make for a great blog post. Especially when each time I write a post, it ends up as my magazine article instead! 😉 So, when I spotted this rather nippy and interesting Tag on Suniti’s blog, I asked her if I could borrow it for mine, and she Tagged me, pronto! Thanks, Suniti!:)

A -Available?
Who wants to know?

B-Best friend:
I just realized, I’ve outgrown all of them.

C-Cake or Pie?
Both! Sweet set of 32, being my excuse!

D-Drink of choice:
O J. Iced tea(peach). Flavored water.

E-Essential things used everyday:
Birkenstocks. Glasses. Scrunchies.

F-Favourite colour:
I am in-between favorite colors at the mo. Can’t decide between purple and green.

G-Gummi bears or worms:
Yuck to both! What do you think I am? 12, or Chinese?!


A great massage.

J-January or February:
I love both these months, and November and December. I don’t remember anyone asking, but I absolutely abhor March-April and July-August-September.

K-Kids and names:
Putting the cart before the horse, aren’t we now?


M-Marriage date:
You will be invited. If you promise to get me presents. Lots of them.

N-Number of siblings:

O-Oranges or apples:
Orange; the fruit, the flavor (except in cookies & chocolates) but never the color (Okay. Maybe I’ll allow it just as an accent color)

Incessant talkers. Depressing Whiners.

When they discover the center of the universe, a lot of people will be disappointed to discover they are not it.

R-Reason to smile:
Haven’t you heard? Smile. It keeps people wondering what you are up to! Also, there are times I smile because I have no idea what the hell is going on! And, the fact that I have a great one is reason enough to flash it at all other times 😉

Spring. Winter.

T-Tag three people:
Though I do realize that it won’t thrill them to bits, I tag Shelly, Anuja and Nautilius and hope they they’ll oblige me one more time.

U-Unknown fact about me:
The prolific blogger that I am, I would’ve guessed that, except for my PAN card number, my regular readers, and lurkers, would know everything about me. Apparently not.
So here goes an unknown fact about me; I was offered a Pears Soap advertisement contract when I was little. Mum declined. Wise decision I think, ‘coz, as a grown up, it would be have been mortifying to imagine how many people would have seen me frolicking in a bubble bath, topless.

V-Vegetable you do not like:
I am quite accomodating and can be successfully force-fed all vegetables. Though I don’t enjoy eating karela and some monstrosity called padwal at all.

W-Worst habit:
My computer-addiction. Its played havoc with my eyes!

X-x-rays you have had:
Really?! What’s next? Blood reports?

Y-Your favorite food:


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  1. hmmm so frolicking in a bubble bath looking super cute as people went aaahhh would have mortified you?? Me thinks this is sour grapes speaking 😉

    thx for the tag – I’ve been hopeless at finding a heading a write about recently! will put up my list soon…

  2. * anuja
    Lol! You got me there!It’s sour grapes indeed!:) Imagine, I could’ve been a income-tax paying celeb at the age of 3, if not for Mum!;)

  3. Hey! That made very interesting read! But I must say, I don’t like the too bright pink of your page. Makes reading difficult.

  4. You in a bubble bath… sweet:-)

    My answers are up! Thanks M!:-)

  5. Deliciously Alive Che

    Pears soap eh?
    When I was a kid only ad i could have done would have been for Unicef with all my bones and all showing. an still do it but probably am too old now.

    So thats the A to Z of Quicksliver?
    Must say there too many answers that seem familiar. its scary.

    And I must agree with Suniti on the pink part but my eyes forgive you for the kind comments you left on my blog 🙂

  6. Deliciously Alive Che

    PS: Put up my blog entry on Caferati Ryze forum as you had suggested. Lets just say the response has been cooler than arctic air.

  7. Hey! Great page 🙂 Like the current scheme 🙂 very summery 🙂
    Hugs !

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