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Blog-hopping one lazy afternoon, I came across Freespirit’s rather interesting blog. Spotting a Tag *my favorite weakness*, I decided to filch it off her, with her kind permission of course.Here it is.I happily Tag Iris and Anuja and am hoping they’ll oblige :))

3 things that scare me
1) Death
2) Fanatics
3) Being underwater

3 people who make me laugh
1) George Bush
2) Jay Leno
3) Jack Black

3 things I love
1) Me
2) Traveling
3) Writing

3 things I hate
1) The sweltering Mumbai summer.
2) Stupid questions
3) Traffic Jams

3 things I don’t understand
1) Maps
2) Feminists
3) Why men lie for the smallest, and stupidest, of things.

3 things on my desk
1) A jar of face pack
2) A bowl of rapidly melting chocolate-chip ice cream
3) My feet

3 things I’m doing right now
1) Typing with one finger
2) Crunching down on ice-cubes
3) Playing with my earring

3 things I want to do before I die
I’ve already ticked quite a few off my list, but what still remain unticked are;
1) Get a real tattoo
2) Shave my head
3) Visit Ireland & Morocco.

3 things I can do
1) Write with both hands
2) Sew excellently
3) Make handbags from scratch

3 things you should listen to
1) ‘Afterglow’ by J D *absolutely yummy* Fortune of INXS
2) Deewani by Kailash Kher
3) Woh Kagaaz ki Kashti by Jagjit Singh *preferably live in concert*

3 things you should never listen to
1) Me singing
2) Bappi Lahiri’s ‘You are my chicken fry/You are my fish fry.’
3) The infamous song, ‘Sutta’ 🙂

3 things i’d like to learn
1) To cycle
2) To drive
3) To keep my gob shut

3 favorite foods
1) Pasta
2) Ice cream
2) Rajasthani Kadhi with chawal

3 beverages I drink regularly
1) Tea
2) Copious amounts of Water
3) Peach iced tea

3 childhood TV shows / books
1) Chitrahaar
2) Mahabharat
3) Yeh jo hai Zindagi

1) Amar Chitra Katha
2) Tinkle
3) Mark & Mandy

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  1. M! Enjoyed reading your answers :-)))) It got me all excited cause there were so many places wherein I wanted to scream and say Yayyyyy! Ditto M!

    Like I wanna get my head shaved someday too. And I am so scared being underwater. It’s so lonely, dark and quiet there. And you never know, some weird aliens may just get hold of you :D.
    And yeah, ice crunching… I do that all the time:-)))))))) much to the embarrassment of my friends.

    But I cant write with both my hands:( and I cant make handbags:( and I cant sew excellently:(

    Very interesting post, M! Loved reading it :-)))))

  2. very impressed by the things you can do!
    and the three childhood books/movies – YEAH baby!!

  3. Yayyyyyyy!
    I am tagged!!!! I am tagged!!!

    I feel quite special everytime someone tags me:-)))))
    Thank you M! Will put it up soon on my blog.

  4. Iris!
    Then please let me see your answers on your blog soon! :)))
    The only time I love water is when it is in a glass:))))) any more than that, and underwater that too, scares the heebiejeebiees outta me! :))))))
    Many summers ago, I did this extensive course in handbag making. Amazingly, it was super fun learning how to sketch, cut and sew leather into the bag you want it to be. But I still prefer buying mine off the rack ;))))

  5. * Pink

    Thank you 🙂

  6. Yeh jo hai Zindagi! man, what memories! I even remember its opening song and I’m dying to sing it, so

    yeh jo hai zindagi
    thodi khatti thodi meethi
    jeene ka-aa-aa
    ek alag ji hai maz-za!

    will write out my responsibility soon 🙂

  7. Come on…”You are my chicken fry” was a milestone in the history of Hindi film songs! How can you dismiss it like that??!! :-)Everyone should listen it in order to comprehend the abysmal low in lyricist Indivar’s career! Hard to believe the same guy wrote “Kasme wade pyaar wafaa…” for Upkaar! 🙂

  8. You have been tagged:-))))))))))0

  9. a bit off topic – how do i get that lovely background? I lurrve it!

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