ONLY IF you have time on your hands…

…do watch the film;

The Pursuit if Happyness starring Will Smith and his absolutely adorable son Jaden Smith.
An inspiring, feel-good, true-life tale of a man’s struggle against heart-wrenchingly difficult circumstances. The pace of the movie is rather sluggish and the story rather predictable, but it sparkles in bits and pieces and worth sitting through for the brilliant performances by Will Smith and his little bundle of talent, Jaden Smith. The on-screen chemistry between father and son in absolutely awesome and you can’t help smiling indulgently at the quick repartee flying back and forth between them.

Dreamgirls starring Beyonce Knowles, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Fox, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson and a host of others.
A, rather deafening, musical that has undercurrents of emotions, manipulations and deceit running through it. A story of 3 talented girls who start off as unknowns participating in a talent contest and go on to become back-up singers and then stars themselves (Relax, I haven’t given the plot away). A flawless performance by Jamie Foxx, a delightfully- creepy Eddie Murphy, a lovely Beyonce (in spite of furry, asymmetrical eyebrows) and an extremely ear-splitting, though abundantly talented, Jennifer Hudson. The various supporting cast are excellent too, though this movie sorely lacks finesse. But, don’t forget to carry your earplugs!

3 thoughts on “ONLY IF you have time on your hands…

  1. M! Aren’t you quite a movie-buff? I have almost started waiting to read your reviews whenever a new movie is out.

    I intend to give both these movies a miss! Or maybe watch them on a DVD later.

    I saw Water, Nishabd and Departed this weekend. Any plans to see them? I’d have loved to read your views on the first two for sure:-)

  2. Iris!:))))
    Yes I am a Movieholic (though Wikipedia enlightens me that the correct term is ‘Cinemaphile’, but I don’t go that far enough to qualify)
    The promos of ‘Water’ look horrifyingly depressing and so I am going to give it a miss.
    Ditto for the sad tale of perversion called ‘Nishabd’. I swear to you, Jiah Khan looks exactly like a Gardener we had, called Madhav. Yes, even his hair was exactly the same! Lol!
    ‘Departed’ I somehow always miss. Though, I am dying to watch it. Maybe soon!
    Too many movies.Too little time!

  3. I loved pursuit of happyness! as for Dreamgirls, just the trailers and Beyonce convinced me to stay away 🙂

    catch The Departed for sure – fast pace and plot plus Leo the great make it awesome. though i read someone lamenting that the original HK movie is better…

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