Spotted this rather interesting questionnaire on brilliant poet and fellow-Caferatian Heretic’s blog and thought it was too good to pass up:-) So here its is, posted on mine, with
The Heretic’s kind permission of course!

I know who you are. I know where you live. And, I know where to find you *evil cackle followed by much hand rubbing*

So, if you value your life, fill in your answers! NOW! :-)))))))


1. Who are you?

2. Are we friends?

3. Do you read my blogs often?

4. Do you have a crush on me?

5. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it?

6. Describe me in one word?

7. What was your first impression?

8. Do you still think that way about me now?

9. What reminds you of me?

10. If you could give me anything what would it be?

11. If you could ask me any question what would it be?

12. What is my favorite thing to do??

13. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?

14. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about YOU?

18 thoughts on “Questionnaire

  1. 1)just someone
    3)everyday.i am addicted to your blog.
    5)sunshine.do u still need an explaination?
    7)i want to know this woman.
    8)i want to meet you even more, now.
    10)a single rose, not red, for sure
    11)could we meet for coffee?
    13)i really, really want to meet you.

  2. 1. haha, thats quite existential – which identity do I give out here?:-P

    2. Hmmm…of course!!!!!

    3. too often!

    4. I did, ek chotu sa!!!

    5. Quicksilver is very apt!

    6. Super:-)

    7. I think that has to be the depression my little butt must’ve left on the soft pillow I was laid on, after birth;-P

    8. oh oops…like that!! emm…yessss:-D

    9. Any good book! Or whenever I watch a movie on Friday:-D

    10. Anything? ok, then it’d be an Irishman, hehe…or then, a lovely old-style library

    11. Which book are you lending me next??:-D

    12. Sleep

    13. no reason why I should tell even now…:-P

    14. Aye…good question..now I blanch…hmmm…maybe!!!

  3. Aiyoh! :-O
    Gee, I never figured my name would come up. The questionnaire belongs to someone else who had passed it on to me.

    PS: Since when the lil froggie turn into a good poet? :-))

  4. 1. Aneesa
    2. Nope
    3.Just this one.
    5.the blog girl…cause u have a blog….I don’t know u well enough to give u a better nick name lol
    7.This is a person who would never get me bored
    9.Don’t think about you outside the blog world
    10.I don’t know you that well to make a proper decision
    11.Why does everything has to be the way it is?
    12.I have no idea
    14.Yah sure I will 🙂

  5. *Anon
    Why not add your name too?

    I am currently reading ‘Recipes for a perfect marriage’ shall pass it on to you when I am through

    I saw it on your blog, so you get the credit for it :))) not ‘good’ poet Dinesh, I used the word ‘brilliant’:)))))

    Thanks 🙂

  6. *Anon 1
    The last time I checked, this was still my blog. Did it morph into a dating site when I looked away for a bit ?
    You enjoy reading my blog, many thanks, I enjoy writing it. Let’s keep it that way.

    *Anon 2
    I have a fair idea who you are, so shall refrain from commenting:)

  7. 1.fellow blogger
    5.Mercurial. It’s just right.
    7.out of the ordinary
    10.a book
    11.when is your book going to be out
    13.you are really pretty and have a great smile lets have your snap back on the blog.

  8. Hello Anon *tired sigh*

    You know, it would be so much better if you people would just mention your names….
    Anyways,my book will be out this year.Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

  9. 1. I am just ME for now :-)))

    2. Virtually…Yes!!!
    Acquaintances really….

    3. Yes I do!!! Often!!!

    4. Naaah ::pppp

    5. Ummm…..Mayuri is quite chic:-))))

    6. VIVACIOUS!!! That’s you!!!!

    7. Brown gurl in the ring!!! Tra La La La!!!

    8. Hahaha!!! Yep I do:-)))

    9. A karmic connection:ppp

    10. A Pearl!!!

    11. What do you think about me?????:pppp

    12. Read, write and Shop:-)))

    13. Errrmmmmm….You are very nice and warm hearted!!!

    14. Umm….No!!! But why don’t you tell me anyway:-)))))

  10. wow … u know what? i have your blog on my favorites … i came here a WHILE back thru someone else’s blog … i think i left a comment or two as well .. but i didnt know u were M! from BB!!!! haha I should’ve known! i love yer writing on BB … love the quirky little messages … so travelled to yer page to see if you have a blog … figures that i already have you on favorites. hmmm i must have a special liking for your writing ishtyle. hehe likhte raho and i shall keep reading.


  11. 1. Still trying to figure that one out
    2. Hope so
    3. Stumbled to your blog only today
    4. That’s a trick question so I’ll let it pass
    5. Bubbly… because that’s how you come across. But make sure no one spells it ‘babli’.
    6. Effervescent. Hope I got the spelling right.
    7. Never met you in real life so can’t tell but am really not into first impressions.
    8. Think what?
    9. Witty and chirpy and someone who writes really well
    10. Does friendship count or are we supposed to include something ma-ma-material? Must get that Madonna girl out of my head.
    11. How are you?
    12.Writing and tarot reading?
    13. Can’t recall but then, again, my memory is not that good these days anyway.
    14. My blog is usually serious but this might just be the chill-pill I was looking for.

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