I’ve been Book-tagged!!!


also bib·li·o·phil (-fl) or bib·li·oph·i·list (bbl-f-lst) n.
~ A lover of books.
~ A collector of books.
bibli·ophi·lism n. bibli·ophi·listic adj.

So here goes.

Books I own:
For Gods sake!!!! You don’t expect me to remember all of them, do ya?!!!
Ok, rough guess here. Might have around 200. Not counting the ones that have been begged, borrowed or stolen off me!!!

Last few books I bought:
Spouse by Shobha De.

Last book that was gifted to me:
Lots of books for my birthday last month (I still prefer diamonds)
1) To kill a mockingbird.
2) Trainspotting
3) The complete short stories of Roald Dahl
4) Daddys little girl-Mary Higgins Clark
5) Honeymoon-James Patterson

Last book I’ve read:
Just finished ‘To kill a mockingbird’

Five books that mean something to me:
The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
God on a Harley
The Piper in the wind – Anne Hepple
Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch
The Dictionary

Books I plan to read soon
Already reading ‘The rule of four’
The Zahir-Paulo Coelho

Three names I go by:

Three Screen Names:

Three things I like about myself:
1) I am creative
2) Enthusiastic
3) Enough!!Now I am embarrassed!

Three things I don’t like about myself:
1) I feel too much
2) I can get really, really, really, really rude & sarcastic
3) Very bluddy stubborn!!!

Three things that scare me:
1) Having no money
2) Being handicapped
3) Emotional Manipulators

Three essentials:
1) Paper
2) Pen
3) Thoughts

Three things I like in the opposite sex:
I thought this was about books!!! ;)))
1) The world is their urinal
2) They can eat anything and not get fat.
3) No cellulite!!

Three things that I want to do badly now:
1) Escape
2) Spend a weekend at a spa
3) Learn pottery.

Three careers I am considering right now:
Already juggling one and a half careers:)))
But considering being a
1) Hairstylist
2) Putting my fashion designing degree to some use.

Three places I’d love to go on vacation:
1) England
2) Ireland
3) Lets keep the third option open, shall we;)))

Three kids’ names I like

P:S:The 1st & 2nd are my grown cousin bro’s nics.I swear!!

If kids are allowed to grow up then the names i love are:
1) Mir
2) Mihir
3) Abir

Three things to do before dying:
Just live well. It covers all bases:)

Three people who get to take this wonderful quiz :
Arre. Who ever wants to take it,copy paste karo apne page pe. But write own answers:)

6 thoughts on “I’ve been Book-tagged!!!

  1. Ha ha!! Loved your post! (It made me laugh, as indicated by the first two words of this comment)I can so identify with having lots of books and people borrowing books and just taking off! But I believe in lending books. The more books you give, the more books you get. Alchemist is my favorite too. I define my life with ‘Conversations with God’ series by Neale Donald Walsche. You might want to read it. Do have fun. (You might be surprised, but we are friends on Ryze!)

  2. Hi Abhishek!
    Thanks for dropping by the blog.Glad my post made u smile:-)
    U say we r friends on Ryze?!!I think i know you, u know!!!
    Thanks a ton for mentioning Conv with God.i had committed blasphemy by forgetting THAT one!!!;-))))))))))))
    Added it tho!!!!:-)))))))))))))

  3. Hey MayFlower 🙂
    I love the name!!!
    Well, got to know a lil more about you…..And hey, Im learning pottery from this weekend on…

  4. Wooster…u r right…i AM jealous of this aspect of the other gender.lol!

    P & Iris:)))
    I love doing these quizzes coz i get to kno myself too;-)))))))))))

    I hope u enjoy yr pottery class.It is super fun.Moulding clay is such a feeling!:-))))))))))))))

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