Why Diemos?

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog!

In case you are wondering what Diemos means, it is Greek for ‘Terror’. One of the 2 moons on the planet Mars, the other being Phobos, which means ‘Fear.’

So, now that I have done my bit for humanity by adding something to your GK, lets move on, shall we?

I talk a lot, think a lot, imagine a lot, write a lot and yes, smile a lot:)))) A professional Tarot Card Reader, I am a Freelance Writer and a potential novelist too.

So, till you have to pay green bucks to read me, enjoy what I write here, for free!;)))

Have a wonderful, wonderful day!

Mayuri! ;))

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  1. First posts are quite something haaan? It’s almost reading an entire different version of you .

    1. Yes they are, and 14 years is a long time! 🙂 Thanks for reading, Chandni 🙂

  2. And you are just as adorable today as you were then, and all the intervening years! Cheers to being YOU! Madam M.

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