3 Favorite Foods you are thankful for #ThankfulThursdays #Week33



When I think of my favourite food a list as long as Rapunzel’s hair comes to mind!:) Yes, I have THOSE many favourites. In fact I have written a book on my favorite foods, have a look at it here  .However, dishes that have stood the test of time, made me happy and brought me comfort are the ones that find themselves on top of the list. Simple food always wins as a favourite for me.

Here are the 3 that come to mind;

Poha: Growing up in Bombay a lot of Maharashtrian influences seeped into our cosmopolitan kitchen at home. Poha is one, of the many, that has reigned as a family favourite. This simple dish of flattened rice, spiced with green chillies and flavoured with lemon juice and a pinch of sugar is ready in a jiffy. If I see fried peanuts lurking within I am happier still! I usually have Poha for breakfast but if I know I am going to have a solo lunch, it is almost always a bowl of Poha and a huge mug of Tea.


Sooji Ka Halwa: If there is a Pooja at home or an auspicious occasion I look forward to the Sooji Ka Halwa Mom makes. It is my comfort food at its best. Have it with hot Puri’s , as a meal. Rustle it up as dessert when unexpected guests arrive. Or simple make myself a bowlful of this decadent treat whenever I miss home. Each warm, sweet, lightly flavoured with saffron and cardamom ghee laden spoonful reminds me of happy memories associated with this dish.



Pav Bhaji: Who doesn’t like this crazy and insanely delicious medley of vegetables? The best way to eat and enjoy the goodness and nutrition of an assortment of vegetables, if you curb adding the butter! But hey, what is Pav Bhaji without Amul Butter, right? So slather it on the Pav and let a dollop of it melt on the Bhaji, squeeze a dash of lemon and enjoy!



These are 3 of my favourite foods, what are yours? Do share!


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