Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree by Rajan Sankaran #BookReview

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Pages: 232

Genre: Non-fiction. Autobiography.


The Plot:

Intriguing book title, isn’t it? So, are the 3 components mentioned in the title related, or unrelated? This is the thought that made me want to read this book. 

Author Rajan Sankaran is a Mumbai-based homeopathic practitioner, researcher and author. His first memories are those of a young boy looking up to his multi-faceted, doctor father in awe and finding a friend in his mother. Being a diligent student and an eager doctor followed. Along the way, people and situations helped him become a confident and upcoming doctor. The light of fame shone down on him and his confidence rose as it did. However, when the light dimmed, or was taken away from him his persona dimmed too.

Rajan has traversed through life treating every experience as a learning curve. His enthusiasm for life and learning ensured that every being he met became his teacher and every experience he went through made him look within.

Sankaran shares his cons as openly as he has shared his pros, without any guile. His respect and reverence for all his teachers is genuine and the generosity of his spirit and his gratitude is evident in the way he has shared his experiences.

My Thoughts:

Rajan Sankaran has a lot to say, and he says it well. His life has been a series of interesting experiences and much like a good student he observed and then absorbed from them. Sankaran has distilled all those experiences, to share with us the concentrated nectar of wisdom.

His narrative is peppered with anecdotes, often followed by introspection. It is almost like the author is thinking aloud. Reading this book will feel like listening to a friend. Keep your mind open as you read and you will enrich yourself.

Each of the chapters stand out on their own, like a beautiful flower. They are then interlinked, like flowers coming together to form a beautiful garland. Wear that garland. It will enhance you, the fragrance of the flowers will linger and the beauty of them will be imprinted in memory forever.

I was offered this book in return for my thoughts on it. These are my unbiased and genuine thoughts.

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