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He is the Apple to my Orange #VDayBlogTrain

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An arranged match bound my Husband and me in matrimony. As a result of which we started getting to know each other only post marriage

When we started living together we discovered traits about the other that two and a half months of courtship has not revealed, or maybe had just given each other a glimpse of.


For instance, I was meticulous planner, while my husband was is a last minute guy. When I was single I packed at least a week prior to a trip, if not earlier. My husband on the other hand would start packing just before we walked out of the door. I have lost count of the number of white shirts, socks, tooth brushes we may have purchased because he ‘forgot to pack them’. 

Talking of journeys, I was the kind who needed to have each detail planned to the T, and I mean each detail.  It wouldn’t surprise you to read that husband is on the other end of the spectrum.

Journeys also remind me of various mad drives to the airports and railway stations, with me bribing every God my furious mind could think of, to get us to the airport/station in time. Hubby meanwhile is either nonchalantly on the phone, or discussing what we would eat once we get to our destination. To give him credit, we have never missed a flight and missed a train only once.

It is not only our travel habits that are different. While I am obsessed about keeping the house neat as a pin, my husband has the Super Power of making the house look like it has been hit by a hurricane within 5 minutes of walking into it.

We’ve driven to a neighbouring city in the middle of the night, on a whim, for a weekend. I screamed my way through as I White Water Rafted, with my heart in my mouth and a feeling of complete exhilaration after we were done.

I am terrified of animals, and my husband planned a secret trip where he coaxed me into giving elephants a wash. I walked into the water in tears but once I started scrubbing the gentle pachyderms I did not want to leave.

We’ve lost our way in Rome, and walked for a good 5 hours trying to find the way back to our hotel, eating Gelatos at hourly intervals and laughing at the fact that both our phones had died on us, thanks to clicking pics.

We will be celebrating 9 years of togetherness this year. Though he is the apple to my orange, the one thing I would not want my husband to change is his impulsiveness. After some initial months which tried every reserve of my patience, I decided to go with his craziness and enjoy it, rather than tearing my hair apart over it. Not to say that I don’t have my head-banging-against-the-wall-moments over it anymore. I do, but they are few and far in between.

My husband’s impulsiveness, the complete opposite of my organised trait, has changed me for the better and made life one big adventure.

Having said that, I do hold a secret desire that some of my traits, like being non-messy for instance, rub off on him.

An Apple and an Orange may be the complete opposite of each other, but they taste great when they come together in a fruit salad, don’t they?

This post is a part of the Valentine’s Day Blog Train hosted by Prerna & Vartika and by ShilpSa,  Kalpavriksha Farms & Neha  

Written for the prompt, ‘Opposites attract, great minds think alike – what type of couple are you?’

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