A Decade of Ooh, Aah and Ouch! #DecadeHop #RRxMM

‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans’, no I didn’t say this, Woody Allen did. I have only been experiencing it for the past decade!

2010. My Tarot Reading practise was flourishing, I was writing 6 monthly magazine columns and basically living it up. I was also single. I remember thinking, ‘life set hai’.


I met my match through a Matrimonial Agency and after 4 meetings we were engaged and in the next 2 and a half months we were married. Yes, this Punjabi Kudi had a proper arranged marriage to a Telugu Abbai as 2010 bid goodbye.

I didn’t know cooking when I got married. It wasn’t a big deal, till I got married. After learning it, tweaking every recipe I mastered into a quick cook, no fuss one, I started a Food Blog! I can’t believe it myself and confess to still being shocked when strangers write to me saying they tried out my recipes and loved how the dish turned out.

All through these changes I had one consolation. I was in Bombay, a phone call and drive away from my parent’s home.

Decade of Ooh, Aah and Ouch!

The Husband was transitioning from a working professional to entrepreneur and thought Bangalore would be the ideal place to make the change. As someone who had only been away from the city of her birth when she was holidaying, I was distraught.

After wrapping up our house into 67 cartons and sending them ahead with the Packers, we decided to drive from Bombay to Bangalore, all 1100 kms of it. Also, we hadn’t finalised a house in Bangalore. A fact no one, not even my parents, believed when I told them.

So, there we were, 67 Cartons, 11 plants, 1 car and the two of us house-hunting from dawn to dusk, till we found the house of our dreams.

Bangalore wizened me up. It taught me that Mom wasn’t near enough to send a gas cylinder or 1 kg of Onions when I ran out. No steaming, hot food dabba would come in when I was sick and festivals would mean making all the related delicacies myself.

The Garden City is also special as that is where I established myself as a professional Blogger along with going self-hosted. All 8 of my my Blogs came together to form my website Sirimiri – The Lifestyle Blogazine.

God hadn’t laughed at my plans for a while now and just when I thought that he had found someone else to amuse himself with, we moved to Chennai.

‘Do you like Chennai?’ I am often asked.

‘I’m trying to’, is what I answer.

Living in Chennai is tough. My thriving Blogging career has came down to ground zero. I had already lost my Tarot Clients after moving 2 cities and the constant travel that The Husband and I did. 

Tough times are opportunities to polish yourself up to a shine. No, no one else said, it’s an original quote by yours truly.

Just as I was moping away, the A to Z came up and The Husband suggested that I write about Chennai. Both of us traversed the length and breadth of the city for research, discovering it along with discovering forgotten things about each other. 

Incidentally, this was my 2nd Ebook in 3 years. What’s amusing (yes, I am keeping God company with the laughs) is that my 1st book was about Food and had recipes and my 2ND Book is about Chennai, both topics I wasn’t comfortable with.

This year we also celebrate a Decade of adventure, memories and marriage. From being tossed around as we white water rafted, to still not believing we conquered the treacherous Tiger Hill and the peaks of Kedarnath and Badrinath. From blunting our rough edges to bonding over mad ideas and food, we’ve come a long way, together and individually.

Slainte to another decade of loving, learning and laughing our way through it!

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  1. Excellent short and sweet post as usual Mayuri. Moving rapidly from Bombay to Bangalore to Chennai you seem to have emerged stronger than ever before. I still remember reading and reviewing your fantastic 2nd ebook on Chennai. It made brilliant reading. Wishing you all the best for the coming decade.

    1. Thank you, Jai. Wishing you a perfect 10 too:)

  2. And this is amazing!! Loved it

  3. Mayuri Nidigallu Shivani

    Woody Allen seemed to know something that you and I didn’t. Well now we do. You have managed to stay afloat despite the moves. That’s commendable. And I remember reading that book on Chennai. The research showed through and I’d loved it so much that I had reviewed it as well. I loved your post and knowing a little more about you. Wishing you the best in 2020

    1. Thank you, Shivani. I had loved your review of my book. Wishing you a fabulous 2020 too.

  4. वाह! शानदार!! आपने कूकिंग पर बुक लिख डाली, यह तो ठीक ही किया … लेकिन यह क्यूँ बता दिया कि आपको खाना बनाना शादी के पहले नहीं आता था… अब यह किताब ख़रीदने में कितने लोग हिचकेंगे… बहुत बहुत सुन्दर लिखा आपने… वाह!

    1. Thank you, Hema. Meri recipes zyadatar nayi dulhanein follow kartein hain:)

  5. Hi Mayuri. I happened to read your entire A to Z series on Chennai and I must say it was so well researched and compiled. Kudos for that! Your journey has been ever changing, if I may say so, in the past decade but also evolving. I see how you moved to take up new things and more importantly you moved out of your comfort zones time and again, and did it with much aplomb. I wish you luck for the next day. Onwards and upwards my friend!

    1. Thank you so much for these warm words, Sonia.

  6. Awesome! Bombay to bangalore to Chennai—the best of ‘three’ worlds then. Seems like a wonderful action-packed adventure of a decade.
    Cheers to more such fun times ahead.

  7. Such a sweet post, Mayuri. I can empathize with you because though initially I found it tough to live in Chennai (I’m a tamilian, by the way), now I’ve come to love it over the years. Here is where I found true friends and started my writing. So… everything takes time and I guess we should allow ourselves that to become comfortable with anything new. Isn’t change the only constant?

    1. Well said, Janaki. Truly, change is the only constant.

  8. I was born in Mumbai, brought up in Bangalore, went to Chennai after marriage(yes that was also through matrimony) for a short time and ended up in Bangalore again(Bengaluru maybe it is called now). This time it is for the long haul I guess. I somehow I have a feel I would have liked to live for awhile in a different city. All the best in your blogging journey and career for the next decade…

    1. We have all 3 cities in common!:) Thank you for reading, Namratha.

  9. Even I try to like Chennai, even though I am from Tamil Nadu!! 🙂 I like Coimbatore and other places in Tamil Nadu better than Chennai…
    Always relate to your posts, Mayuri…. 🙂

    1. Thank you for always reading and for your encouraging comments, Jayanthi. I LOVE Coimbatore too!

  10. It’s strange how life throws us in a different direction than the one we envision for ourselves. Reading about how you had never expected to publish books about topics like Food and Chennai was amusing. It’s inspiring also to see how far you’ve come from what you were – making delicacies for someone who didn’t know how to cook is quite a feat! Not to mention the adventures you’re having together. Congrats on a wonderful decade, and all the best for the next one.

  11. That for sure is a short and honest recap of your last decade. Changes especially when they come unexpectedly make us strong and help us rediscover our strengths. Your ebooks are a proof of that. 🙂 Wishing you a great decade ahead full of learning, laughs and a lot of love. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Arushi. Wish you the same.

  12. Mayuri Nidigallu Jyoti Arora

    The weight of leaving your hometown is much much heavier than anything!! Good you managed everything so easily loving and laughing together!!!

  13. Mayuri Nidigallu Deepika

    Yeah! I totally agree tough times are the opportunities to prove ourselves. I also moved from 2 to 3 cities due to my husband’s job so I can understand the pain of shifting. But I feel every different situation make you strong from earlier. Loved reading your Ooh, Aah and Ouch Decade story!

    1. Thanks for reading and understanding, Deepika.

  14. Mayuri Nidigallu Deepika

    One thing I forgot to mention the transition from the non-cooking person to the founder of a food blog is commendable. Kudos for that! Best wishes to the bright future!

    1. I still can’t believe that myself, Deepika!

  15. What a roller coaster of a ride you have had and what connected with me that you captured almost all aspects of your life in this journey so well here.

  16. Mayuri Nidigallu Anjali M Naik

    Good to know about your journey so far mixed with adventures and precious memories. Congratulations for your ebooks and website. Wishing you many more successful ventures in future

  17. Wowwww I just loved the tale of 67 Cartons, 11 plants, 1 car and two of you!! The most challenging part was publishing your two books on the subjects you were exploring still. Kudos! I wish you another decade of love and laughter ahead 🙂

    1. On hindsight, it was fun:)) Thank you, Swarnali.

  18. Mayuri Nidigallu Piya Gajbe

    So well written and it’s so inspiring. The way you deal with the challenges life throws at you, Bravo. Keep shining❤️

  19. Haha, that’s a travel-filled blog, but just to soothe your journey let me tell you I am also a sophisticated nomad who travels & shifts every three years with “n” number of cartons and trunks to explore a new place, people, cuisine and life. I have always loved the name sirimiri and I wish more books join in your travelful life.

    1. Thank you, PraGun. Glad I have company!

  20. This is so sweet! Oops, my manners.
    Hi, from a Telugu Ammayi. 😉
    You’ve got me hooked at tarot cards and then again at the food blog. I’m going to search for a few recipes and try them soon.
    May your new decade be filled with more lovely adventures and strong bonds. Best wishes. 🙂

    1. Bagunara, Srivalli? :)) Thank you for reading and your warm wishes.

  21. Straight from the heart writing is just wonderful. Will definitely be reading your books to. Moving can be stressful but making the most of it is the beauty of it all. Kudos to you

  22. Your life has been a roller coaster ride through all these years, but you must admit that learning comes from experience. Your travel and life events evolved you:)
    Nice post!

  23. your decade is full of odds Mayuri..from a tarot reader to an author, your journey is inspiring in many ways.. its like when life throws lemons at u, make lemonade and sip it! being a novice in cooking and publishing a cook book is no mean feat. congratulation to u for facing all the odds and coming out victorious. wish u the best ahead.. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Supriti, for the lovely compliment! wishing you a wonderful decade ahead!

  24. Such a sweet and short summary!! I loved your title!! Change is the only thing that is constant in life and your decade seems have taught you that. Best of luck for the next one!!

  25. I just loved this post. I have read your book on Chennai. I could relate to every chapter in it because I too have lived there for 12 years. In fact, I wrote a review of it too. No idea if you have seen it. Here it is in case you want to: https://balconysunrise.wordpress.com/2019/05/31/book-review-2/

    Looking forward to your other books and posts! Cheers

    1. Thanks so much, Meena! How did I miss your review? Going over to read it. Thank you for both, your lovely comment here, and your review.

  26. Your post is brimming with varied emotions.. It is difficult to adjust in a new place but it was heartening to see how you turned everything you did not like into something to celebrate about..Best wishes for the future..

    1. Thank you, Pashmeena. What a beautiful name you have!

  27. Loved your choice of title, Mayuri. Enjoyed reading your post. Life has a way of pulling the rug from under our feet just as we begin to get comfortable. I need to check out your ebook on Chennai. Wishing you the very best.

  28. And what a roller coaster decade it has been for you Mayuri. When u look back u will actually cherish all these as learning experiences am sure. I knew most of it from A to Z. Here is wishing you a wonderful decade that has started. God Bless telugu Kodalu 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Harjeet! So glad I met you through A to Z.

  29. Short and sweet post, straight from the heart Mayuri. I enjoyed your Chennai series a lot and in fact, I keep asking my kid how many did we cover from your list whenever we plan our next outing…

    1. And you know how much I loved and enjoyed reading your posts,Suha! Thanks for reading.

  30. Wow Mayuri! I’m a Tarot card reader and author too! We should totally connect! As for your journey – it’s always tough settling down in new places – good to see how you copies with it! Kudos 🙂

    1. We must connect, Sonam! My email id is mayurisharrma@gmail.com. Thank you for reading!

  31. Hi Mayuri. Nice to read you after a long time. I know your Bombay to Bangalore journey and I read your Chennai series during ATOZ and It was well written. It looked like a professional travel book to me. Hope Chennai is treating you well.

  32. Chennai is a great city to live in you will love it eventually expressive writing

    1. Amen to that, Sivaranjini!

  33. I remember reading about Chennai in A2Z. What would be life if it didn’t challenge us enough? Isn’t it ?

  34. Remarkable !! You had 8 blogs earlier ? That must be so difficult to manage . Great to know your travel and your blogging journey . Next time finalize house first and then call Packers.Haha

    1. Yes, 8 blogs were really tough to manage, Monika. Hahahaha, yes definitely finalising a house before finalizing Packers :))))

  35. Mayuri Nidigallu Aanandika

    Hey Mayuri what a lovely write up. Such is life, sigh!! Here’s wishing you more power and adventures in times to come.

    1. Thank you Aanandika. You have such a lovely name!

  36. Home is where you are, M. Bombay, Bangalore or Chennai, it’s you who matters. I’ve known you for a while now and though an adventure sounds good I wish you have good health, stability and some great moments to look forward to in the next decade!

    1. Amen to those wishes, V! Thanks for reading.

  37. Hey Mayuri so true., Tough times are often what makes us stronger and we need to polish ourselves and move ahead in life. I can understand how tough it would have been to shift your base to two cities in the last one decade, but I feel shifting cities also teaches us a lot. BTW Looking forward to read up more on the Similarities/Differences between Punjabi culture adn Andhra Culture. May be another E-book on the same.

    1. Thanks for giving me an idea that I would love to write on, Aishwarya. Wishing you a wonderful decade ahead.

  38. Well said “Tough times are opportunities to polish yourself up to a shine”. I believe changes come to try us, to outshine sideof personality with whom we might never met, to let us know the power of our own stride, and your story is the proof that no matter place which you are, in which work area/interest you were, you allowed yourself to shine from every odds.Brilliant journey of your decades.

    1. Thank you for these encouraging words,Archana.

  39. Oh what a fantastic decade you had, Mayuri. I had loved your Chennai posts and I can relate to you so much – marriage, packing, shifting. Uff! 🙂

    1. High five, Shalini! 🙂 Thank you for reading.

  40. You’ve been on so many adventures in this decade! Here to another equally inspiring one, if not more.

  41. Loved the post with a lighthearted element running through it. I wonder I’d the 67 cartons increased or decreased with the subsequent moves!!
    I remember reading and enjoying your A to Z Chennai posts too!
    Incidentally my son’s reaction is the same when asked if he likes Chennai. “Trying my best” he keeps saying since the past 3 years!!

    1. Hahahaha, the 67 cartons have increased by an embarrassing number! High five to your son! :)))) Thank you for reading.

  42. I loved the way you have shared your last decade journey adding humour to it. It was a lovely read and my wishes for upcoming decade.

    1. Thank you, Debidutta. Wishing you an exciting decade to follow too!

  43. The fact that you’re able to write entire books about unfamiliar topics is a true testament to your talent. I’m a Tamilian, born and raised in Mumbai, and I used to find the Chennai summers so challenging.

    Here’s to a lovely 2020 in Namma Madras, with lots of filter kaapi and idiaapams! Loved reading your post! <3

    1. Thank you,Pavi. Wishing you an awesome 2020 too!

  44. First I love the title of post ..raises my curiosity instantly..I know shifting and moving is hard..and I had done almost 10 in 12 years..but this is the thing that provides us an excellent opportunity to meet new people and explore new traditions and culture. wishing you all the best for new decade. hope you get lots of success and happiness in this new decade.

    1. So agree with you, Surbhi. Thanks for reading.

  45. Is it like people in chennai do not believe in tarrot card reading? Just asking!

    You had a beautiful journey by the way. Sirimiri rocks

    1. The payscale in Chennai is a quarter of what it is in other cities, whether it is Tarot Reading or Blogging. Also, unfortunately I meet people who are only looking for free Tarot Readings 🙂

  46. “Bangalore wizened me up. It taught me that Mom wasn’t near enough to send a gas cylinder or 1 kg of Onions when I ran out. ”

    These lines, I just loved reading it again and again.
    I can souch relate to your travel element and packing those carton boxes almost 9 times and looks one more on the way.

    They say, try which you have ne er tried and you may never know that we might excel in that, “Not to or Never ventured road.”

    Loved reading your decade story…

  47. Life is an incredible journey. And yours has been so in the past decade as well. I think that as one moves from one place to another one also discovers unknown parts of one’s own soul. And that makes one a more wholesome person. Cheers! – Rohit Verma

    1. Thanks for the lovely words, Rohit.

  48. I liked the way learnt to adapt to a new city. As a person who has had to adapt to new and often nondescript places I can totally connect with you on this! – Pallavi Acharya

  49. you are so good with cities and tales 🙂
    ‘Tough times are opportunities to polish yourself up to a shine’ such a honest quote and true motivation when needed. I loved your Chennai A2Z and loved this blog too.

  50. I really loved your A2Z series about Chennai. Got to so many things about the city which I have never visited. Hope to read more from you. Loved this post

  51. The struggle of moving cities is unpleasant and something I don’t look forward to. Yet this one is our 4th house in the last 3 years.
    I enjoyed reading your breezy writing sharing tale of the decade with struggles and milestones.

  52. An amazing post as always Mayuri. I am glad the decade gone by gave an opportunity to connect with you and know such a wonderful person you are. You really inspire us in many ways. I have tried your recipes, I find them easy to work upon and they turn out superbly well. Hope you dhamakedar and amazing next decade.

  53. Well written write-up like always. Having seen your journey closely over the last few years I would add that I admire your strength and determination. More power to you always!

  54. Must say you are strong women, from combat to Bangalore then Chennai, handling all this is a tough task. And about your ebook, I read your Chennai and had a review about it also in my blog.

  55. Your life has been an adventure of sorts in the last decade. Shifting cities, especially leaving hometown for the first time in life, is an emotional moment. Glad that every city has treated you well.

  56. Great… You had such an amazing and adventurous life.

  57. City – hopping ….wrapping up your decade. Will surely read the chennai A to Z… It the city where I was born… Blore is where most relatives stay and Mumbai is where my in-laws stay… Felt at home reading your post. Eventful journey during the decade and you made the most of the decade!

  58. So it was a decade of change, from unmarried to get married, from one city to another and also getting Tarot clients to loosing them…change i inevitable.

  59. A wonderful post yet again, Mayuri. How you transitioned from Bombay – Bengaluru to Chennai staying afloat is praiseworthy. I could actually connect with it, especially those 67 cartons (though the max number I had was 41), having myself shifting cities and country (details coming up in my post). Wish you a great 2020 ahead

  60. As always, that was a lovely one from you,Mayuri. It is been long that I read your blog after A2Z. I remember when I started in late 2016 and participated in Friday Fiction hosted by you and Tina.

  61. Your words have the capability to induce laughter at not so funny life situations. I love it about your writing style. I hope you find your Ikigai in Chennai soon 🙂

  62. That’s a lovely journey Mayuri. I’m yet to read both those books, but I remember reading a few posts in the blog about Chhennai during the A to Z challenge. Wishing you many more decades of happiness and adventure together.♥️

  63. Mayuri Nidigallu swathi

    Short and sweet . You have had a taste of good cities and very well put down .

  64. Woah!! Bangalore was my first place to settle after my marriage also. And I feel you when you mentioned the absence of those little comforts which are there when our elders are near. I really wonder how you went on searching for the house and decided it in a day.. that was some achievement I would say 🙂
    As expected, your post was smooth and engaging as always.
    Wishing you well for your future


    1. Not in a day, Preeti! We took a full 10 days to find an apartment. Lived in a serviced apartment till then:)

  65. we must admit that learning comes from our hard work and experience. love to know the way you deal with the challenges life threw at you. so be strong and keep shining. My best wishes for your upcoming journey.

  66. Mayuri Nidigallu Noor Anand Chawla

    A sweet recounting of your life with a generous dollop of humour, in your signature style Mayuri. This post took me back to your hilarious yet informative A-Z posts on Chennai.
    Oh, and about losing your tarot clients- switch to a phone/ whatsapp only consultation business- that’s how I consult my tarot reader!

    1. Thanks for reading, Noor. Yes I do consultant Online and through WhatsApp. However, I still have my office in Bombay and used to have one in Bangalore too, as there is nothing that comes close to a face to face reading 🙂 Miss that.

  67. After reading your journey of last decade, I am amused and can say WOW like multiple times. From writing 6 monthly magazine columns to having 8 blogs and moving cities but still rocking it like a boss, you are awesome Mayuri. Wish you very best for the coming years!

  68. From mumbai to bangalore to chennai, you embraced it all. You shared your decade with ease and simplicity. I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that you just didn’t move places but grew over them gradually. Lovely writing.

  69. aww! beautifully written! loved it!

  70. Mayuri Nidigallu Amrendra Sinha

    Beautifully penned . Loved your writing. !!

  71. As someone who has moved more times than I care to remember, I can identify with the pain! But it’s wonderful that you managed to make lemonade every single time. Onwards and upwards through another fabulous decade

  72. Your post had me thinking of my own bloopers in the early days of my marriage. I wasnt a good cook either but my hubby patiently taught me to navigate the salty perila.of making sambhar and rasam. Chennai is home to me which is why i love all your chennai posts!

  73. Humorous I really enjoy reading your post. This one is another delicacy. I am sure now you love Chennai and try writing your next book on another topic that hated initially​. How about “how to survive living away from parents” ..

  74. Mayuri Nidigallu Parul

    A decade full of adventures and travel.. loved reading the post and kinda traveling with you.

  75. I loved the title of the blog and that got my curiosity piqued. You didn’t disappoint either. A beautiful recap filled with humor made for the prefect recipe to keep me happily engrossed.

  76. I cannot even say that I knew there was something so Punjabi about you…but glad to finally know that fact. Great journey through the past decade. Even greater that you merged 8 blogs….wowsome…I mean who all can even say that they once had 8 blogs at a single point of time.
    Keep posting those saree pics…many have informed me that they are admirers 😀
    #DecadeHop #RRxMM

  77. 67 cartons! The last decade made us also move to 9 homes and I can very well imagine what you guys must have gone through. I also remember your posts on Chennai and absolutely loved them. Am really intrigued about Tarot card reading and its so awesome to know you have been practicing it for so long. Wish you many more clients and am sure you’ll get them soon. So nice to see you write this for our blog hop 🙂

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