A Decade of Ooh, Aah and Ouch! #DecadeHop #RRxMM

‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans’, no I didn’t say this, Woody Allen did. I have only been experiencing it for the past decade!

2010. My Tarot Reading practise was flourishing, I was writing 6 monthly magazine columns and basically living it up. I was also single. I remember thinking, ‘life set hai’.


I met my match through a Matrimonial Agency and after 4 meetings we were engaged and in the next 2 and a half months we were married. Yes, this Punjabi Kudi had a proper arranged marriage to a Telugu Abbai as 2010 bid goodbye.

I didn’t know cooking when I got married. It wasn’t a big deal, till I got married. After learning it, tweaking every recipe I mastered into a quick cook, no fuss one, I started a Food Blog! I can’t believe it myself and confess to still being shocked when strangers write to me saying they tried out my recipes and loved how the dish turned out.

All through these changes I had one consolation. I was in Bombay, a phone call and drive away from my parent’s home.

Decade of Ooh, Aah and Ouch!

The Husband was transitioning from a working professional to entrepreneur and thought Bangalore would be the ideal place to make the change. As someone who had only been away from the city of her birth when she was holidaying, I was distraught.

After wrapping up our house into 67 cartons and sending them ahead with the Packers, we decided to drive from Bombay to Bangalore, all 1100 kms of it. Also, we hadn’t finalised a house in Bangalore. A fact no one, not even my parents, believed when I told them.

So, there we were, 67 Cartons, 11 plants, 1 car and the two of us house-hunting from dawn to dusk, till we found the house of our dreams.

Bangalore wizened me up. It taught me that Mom wasn’t near enough to send a gas cylinder or 1 kg of Onions when I ran out. No steaming, hot food dabba would come in when I was sick and festivals would mean making all the related delicacies myself.

The Garden City is also special as that is where I established myself as a professional Blogger along with going self-hosted. All 8 of my my Blogs came together to form my website Sirimiri – The Lifestyle Blogazine.

God hadn’t laughed at my plans for a while now and just when I thought that he had found someone else to amuse himself with, we moved to Chennai.

‘Do you like Chennai?’ I am often asked.

‘I’m trying to’, is what I answer.

Living in Chennai is tough. My thriving Blogging career has came down to ground zero. I had already lost my Tarot Clients after moving 2 cities and the constant travel that The Husband and I did. 

Tough times are opportunities to polish yourself up to a shine. No, no one else said, it’s an original quote by yours truly.

Just as I was moping away, the A to Z came up and The Husband suggested that I write about Chennai. Both of us traversed the length and breadth of the city for research, discovering it along with discovering forgotten things about each other. 

Incidentally, this was my 2nd Ebook in 3 years. What’s amusing (yes, I am keeping God company with the laughs) is that my 1st book was about Food and had recipes and my 2ND Book is about Chennai, both topics I wasn’t comfortable with.

This year we also celebrate a Decade of adventure, memories and marriage. From being tossed around as we white water rafted, to still not believing we conquered the treacherous Tiger Hill and the peaks of Kedarnath and Badrinath. From blunting our rough edges to bonding over mad ideas and food, we’ve come a long way, together and individually.

Slainte to another decade of loving, learning and laughing our way through it!

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