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5 Things that irritate me about My Husband #FridayReflections


6 years of an Arranged Marriage and I happily admit that I am still getting to know my Husband. The Husband, on the other hand claims to have read me inside out * insert eye roll *

6 years though is just enough time for me to find out and write on 5 things that irritate you about your partner, a prompt on Friday Reflections hosted by Sanch  and Corinne.

So, what is it about my Husband that irritates me? Here goes!

He has the attention span of an Ant!  When he has a faraway look in his eyes and looks as peaceful as The Buddha as I talk to him I know his attention has drifted away someplace else. Grrrrr! It was terribly exasperating when that happened in the earlier years of marriage, but now as soon as that glazed look appears in his eyes a gleam appears in mine. And I whip out my mobile and start doing what I want to do. He snaps to attention immediately, making me wonder if his attention had really wandered, or not! * cocks eyebrow *

He is a terrible listener!  With the attention span of an Ant is it any surprise that he is a bad listener? Not! Funny thing is he looks so attentive when I, or someone else, talks that most people think he is such a sincere and attentive listener! * insert guffaw * Well, they aren’t the ones who are married to him, are they now? You know those jokes that say, ‘Husbands are the best people to tell secrets to. They’ll never tell anyone because they aren’t even listening’ ? Well, I am living proof of this * insert wink *

He is always on the Phone!  Where did the ‘Terrible Listener’ go you are wondering? I do too! From friends calling him up, and vice versa, asking for his views on which car to buy to who will win the next Election he is on the phone discussing it all. Tired of waiting for a break between phone calls I have mastered the art of communicating with him through sign language or writing on paper and holding it up for him to read. I now have a fair idea how long which telephonic chat will last and plan my chores and indulgences accordingly. * pats herself on the back *

He is Messy!  And no, not the footballer! I, on the other hand am an organized, almost borderline OCD person. So you can well imagine my state, can’t you? 5 minutes of him walking into the house and you would think someone switched on a giant fan and shook up my, previously orderly, home. No, I don’t know how he does it, but believe me, my research is on. I even wake up earlier to read the paper, as after the Husband is done reading it it is such a mangled mess that all I can do is bin it.

He is a Foodie!  His love for good food is legendary! Little surprise then that I learnt to cook post marriage only for him. Rainy Days see hot Samosas, Kachori’s and Jalebi’s making an appearance at home. If the Home Meal Menu is boring * read healthy * before I realise it, a home delivery person is ringing my doorbell handing me something, mostly sinful. We go out to buy a strip of Paracetamol and end up having dinner or lunch and carry home a dessert as well. If only we had the metabolism to match his love for food!

So here it is, our crazy life. And all said and done, I will admit, there is not a single dull moment to be had when he’s around, and I have got so used to all his quirks that after a short period of peace I start getting withdrawal symptoms.

It is marriage, love or just being used to each other? We are still debating that one. If only he would listen long enough!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Patidev!


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