3 Reasons you will enjoy meeting ZEE5’s Mrs Subbalakshmi

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Have you met Mrs Subbalakshmi? Let me introduce you to her if you haven’t. She is someone living an unexceptional life and looking to change it, without knowing where to start, and how to do so. Don’t we sometimes find ourselves having these thoughts too, when we are bored with the rut of routine we set our lives into?

Oh, I forgot to mention, you could meet Mrs Subbalakshmi too, on ZEE5. That is where I met her and that is where I am getting to know her, through the web series by the same name. Mrs Subbalakshmi is a ZEE5 Telugu Original comedy series that premiered on Woman’s Day (8th March) and is currently being aired.

Let me share some more about her.

She is discontented in her marriage. Disgruntled with her husband who is so busy with work that he has no time for his wife and family and is forgetful too, imagine, he forgets his own wedding anniversary!

The same old unwavering daily routine and expectations get to Mrs Subbalakshmi eventually.

On the advice of her friend, Mrs Subbalakshmi decides to take a day off to refresh herself. What starts as a break turns into an unexpectedly hilarious adventure when she finds herself in the middle of a diamond heist no less and two clashing families to boot!

Now that you know a bit of the story, yes there is much more than the snippet I have shared, you want to get to know her too, right?Subbalakshmi-ZEE5-Sirimiri-InfidigitBefore you do, let me tell you the 3 Reasons you’ll enjoy meeting Mrs Subbalakshmi.

The Plot is not uncommon but the twist given to it is unique. There are many viewers who are likely to identify themselves with Mrs Subbalakshmi. She seems so much like one of us. With her portrayal of the boredom of an unexciting life, of being taken for granted and of being put last by everyone in her family. When Mrs Subbalakshmi says she is looking for change you find yourself wishing that she does discover it.

Lakshmi Manchu: I honestly did not recognise Lakshmi Manchu when I first saw this serial, she looks that different. Completely toned down and plain. When I did recognise her, I wondered how this glamorous actress would play the simple housewife? Lakshmi Manchu surprised me though. She has got into the skin of the character and I wouldn’t be wrong if I said she is enjoying playing Mrs Subbalakshmi immensely.

Interesting Cameos: Though it is Lakshmi Manchu’s show all the way, the series is interspersed with some interesting cameos. The audacious maidservant who beats up her cheating and alcoholic husband black and blue because ‘he beats her up too’.  Subbalakshmi’s husband Subramanyam’s secretary who coolly claims that Subbalakshmi‘changed her husband as he forgot their Wedding Anniversary’ when she comes to deliver a bouquet to Subbalakshmi’s house. These modern and real characters act as a foil to the submissive role Manchu plays.

I could go on and on about the show. But I would rather want you to watch Mrs Subbalakshmi on ZEE5 right away and enjoy the hilarious journey. This is one series that is sure to refresh you.

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