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This is a true story. No names or places have been changed to protect identities ;-D

‘Beta, what do you want to be when you grow up?’

‘I want to be a Kothewali’

A shocked face and complete silence greeted this revelation about my future plans till I elaborated further,

‘Like Rekha Aunty’

This is when my family rushed forward with explanations of how I had watched Umrao Jaan, on video, the day before.

Of course, I couldn’t remember the name of the film and all I remembered was actress Rekha looking absolutely stunning, dressed in exquisite clothes and jewellery and dancing away.

As a child I had no idea what a Kothewali (Courtesan) really was or did and purely on the fun Rekha seemed to behaving on screen, had happily decided to become one when I grew up.

I have been addicted to movies ever since I could understand them, and in the above case even when not, and TadkaTuesday, hosted every week by Deepa and Jaibala is going to be giving me plenty of opportunities to share my memories related to them.

This is written for the TadkaTuesday prompt, ‘Share with us your first movie memory’ .

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14 thoughts on “Of Movies & Memories #TadkaTuesday

  1. You brought back so many more memories for me. I wanted to be Neelam, and Govinda and dance to “Main Se..: All day before the “Ek Do Teen….” Fever took over, enact scenes and a had a couple of friends and we used to play movie movie. I remember wanted to be called to Mohini for the longest time.

    Thank You for sharing such a wonderful memory with us Mayuri <3

  2. This reminds me, there was a Russian book I read as a kid – the protagonist there (a little boy) wanted to become a dog when we grows up cos everyone gives food and everyone loves. Also, there is no homework to be done 😛 Cute logic, isn’t it?

  3. Haha Mayuri..this is such a cute memory. I can imagine your parents reaction to that. As kids, we used to get fascinated by movies and all the characters. Thanks for sharing it with us and for writing for #TadkaTuesday. Keep writing. 🙂

  4. Hahaha, I can imagine the reaction of the people around you 😀

    Ah, I’m crazy about movies as well. But mostly hollywood and not bollywood. Strange enough, I haven’t ever felt like being a character from a movie. I unfortunately am too practical for that. Even as a child. Yeah, I know I suck at times 🙁

  5. Ah, Rekha from Umrao Jaan! What a movie, and the dialogues and the songs, and the actors…ah! Lovely choice, Mayuri! And, I so loved the answer that the little Mayuri gave on being asked what she would be when she grew up! Sweetie pie!

  6. Haahahahahaha I can totally imagine shocked expression of your parents. Now that’s quite an ambition 😉 I remember Rekha in one of the songs but don’t remember watching the movie though…

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