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The Roar from Ranthambore #XploreBharat

The #XploreBharat Blog Train halts at Ranthambore today, arriving from Kanyakumari  on Jai’s blog. The next stop of this Blog Train will be at Mahesh’s Blog. Ranthambore? Where is that? This query always makes me smile, as in 2012 when my husband first told me we were travelling to Ranthambore this is what I remember asking him. Ranthambore is an …

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Experience The Rich And Unique Variety Of Wildlife In Karnataka

Karnataka is the place where one can witness the avid biodiversity of India. Karnataka is home to 20, if not more wildlife sanctuaries. These sanctuaries shelter not only a wide number of common species, but also a number of species that are rare. Owing to its huge variety of wildlife, every year Karnataka attracts tourists from all across the globe. …

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